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If you are looking for a trustworthy lawyer to help you with a will, trust, or estate planning, Jessica Lynn Silva, CEO of Law Office of Jessica Lynn Law, can help you with this process. Serving the entire state of Florida, Jessica and her team strive to assist clients in a way that exceeds expectations. They provide wisdom and guidance in estate planning strategies and being your advocate in probating the estate of a loved one who has passed away.  

Jessica first began her legal career as a paralegal with Brock and Scott, PLLC, over twenty years ago.  Before opening her law firm, she garnered legal experience through her previous roles as an Estate Planning and Probate Associate Attorney with a local law firm, several years as Judicial Assistant to a Brevard County Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit, and as a Civil Litigation Paralegal, Real Estate Paralegal, Certified Notary Signing Agent, Real Estate Agent, Florida Mortgage Loan Originator, Real Estate Investor, and Property Manager.  In addition to practicing law, Jessica is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified County Civil Mediator, mediating County Civil, Circuit Civil (including Probate), and Family Law cases.

Jessica was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. However, she grew up traveling the United States and overseas as the daughter of a military family. She then married the United States Air Force Officer from Hawaii and traveled to the United States again, this time as a military wife. Jessica had resided in Viera, Florida with her husband and three children (two boys and a girl) since 2011 when they arrived via military assignment and ended up choosing to retire (from the military) there.

Jessica heard about our CEO Mindset™ course through one of our partners FAVOB (Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses). She and her husband took the class together to strategize and focus on the niche of both their businesses and get guidance to set goals and learn what their strengths and weaknesses were implementing processes. One of Jessica’s highlights was learning the value of her worth and time per hour and translating that into gaining confidence bringing in new employees in her business. Even though she had an extensive background, getting the mentorship to broaden her mindset was invaluable.  Since taking the course, Jessica has opened a second location and is currently preparing to open her THIRD location in Tampa. What an amazing accomplishment! 

Jessica enjoys volunteering at her church and within the community.  She also enjoys quality time with her family and friends, kayaking, boating, listening to podcasts, interior decorating, reading, modeling, and being a voiceover artist.

“I feel so privileged to serve clients and their families in the community that I love. I look forward to meeting and helping more individuals and families soon.”

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Are you dreaming of the perfect getaway? We are all having cabin fever these days. Monica Iannacone, CEO of Weekend Navigators, has the perfect solution. Her company helps couples plan memorable destination weddings and honeymoons using their travel expertise to plan every detail. They have traveled to 27 countries and can help create an unforgettable wedding or honeymoon experience. They travel to the resorts and build relationships that ensure every vacation is memorable, making travel stress-free.  

Have you already tied the knotNo worries, Monica has plenty of available destinations if you want to book your next unforgettable getaway. Travel to an oasislike The Caribbean, explore Australia’s outback, or take a safari ride in Africa. Wherever the wind takes you, Weekend Navigators can help you plan from start to finish.  

With over 35 years of travel and planning experience in the military and life-long experience traveling and living around the world, Monica met her husband, Michael (an active-duty Marine) on an airplane when flying to mobilize for a year in the Navy Reserves. After they both deployed and traveled to over 20 countries in a year, they had a destination wedding in Rome, Italy. She is a Navy Veteran, Reserve Officer, and a Marine Corps spouse. She has lived in Italy and Spain and spent her life traveling for the military and for fun vacations worldwide, which explains why she loves sharing her love of travel and exploring! 

Monica and her husband started Weekend Navigators while they were both living overseas and planning their destination wedding. They started in late 2018 and helped couples plan destination weddings and honeymoons by using their travel expertise. They realized that couples, especially military couples, don’t have the time to plan their perfect wedding, and they wanted to make it stress-free. Eventually, they expanded to include social groups, couple retreats, girls’ getaways, and family vacations. We wanted to help people who want an amazing vacation but don’t have the time to plan it—millennials in their 20s to mid30s who love to travel but haven’t traveled much; retired couples that are planning a milestone anniversary. Engaged couples who want a destination wedding or honeymoon. 

Monica decided to join our CEO Mindset course to increase brand awareness of Weekend Navigators and network with other CEOs and business owners to collaborate and share experiences. I wanted to partner and connect with other business owners to grow and scale our business, and specifically use our network to book more weddings and honeymoons for 2021 and beyond. She attended both Phase One and Phase Two classes, learning to automate, delegate, and eliminate and focus on the clientele to be happy and refer them. One of the most rewarding experiences was learning how to identify a PITA client. A PITA client will consume time and money and prevent us from working with ideal clients. She enjoyed a small intimate group of people to collaborate with instead of a large room full of people. “I learned that it’s important to focus on myself, especially in the mornings, and have that dedicated time to work out, meditate, brain dump, and think.

We are quite envious that you get to travel all over the world, Monica! We love seeing how much you have accomplished, and even though Covid is affecting travel, you and your business have booked out through 2022Congratulations on all your success, and we look forward to seeing your business continue to grow!


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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all participants will be covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida.

Kimberly Gomez CEO of Wellness Waves CEO Mindset @JULOStrategyDuring this uncertain time, working from home has our bodies all out of whack. If you are used to being in a workplace where you are on your feet or can get up and move around, you are seeing the effects it has been on your overall wellbeing sitting at home and staring at the computer all day 

Kimberly Gomez, CEO of Wellness Waves, uses holistic treatments on humans and animals to treat common issues such as joint and muscle pain, weight loss, stress, circulation, inflammation and more. Launched in 2017, Kimberly uses a breakthrough treatment using PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and MagnaWave 

What is this crazy talk we speak of? Well, MagnaWave treatments consist of pulsed electromagnetic waves being sent throughout your body to stimulate cellular repair. Practitioners often recommend using MagnaWave treatments along with conventional procedures and medication to balance our electromagnetic field, promoting better health. The best part is that MagnaWave is non-invasive and received while fully clothed. Lasting between 10-30 minutes, MagnaWave treatments are not painful and there are no adverse side effects. 

To receive the full benefits of PEMF Therapy, the treatment must reach the cells. Magnawaving uses high-powered electromagnetic pulses at a low frequency. Actively participating in US FDA studies, Magnawaving pulses are shown to reach through the body and benefit cells throughout the entire treatment area. This causes improvement in the systemic and arterial blood flow and benefits deep tissues. 

Kimberly earned an Associates in Veterinary Technology from Purdue University. With over 17 years experience as a CVT, Kimberly wanted to branch out from surgery and private practice to follow her passion for helping others while still experiencing the joy she witnesses when her patients finally get the pain relief they’ve been wanting. The youngest of five in her family, Kimberly, has two brothers and sisters that are twins. Her father was in the Marine Corps and served in the Vietnam War.  

“I was introduced to PEMF Therapy through one of my sisters. Upon further research I convinced my mother to allow me to treat her for the severe sciatic nerve pain she was experiencing. With continued treatment, she became pain free and eliminated her need for any invasive surgery. Seeing the amazing results, I was convinced that I could bring my passion for helping others and my love for animals together. It brings me great satisfaction from helping animals and humans alike become pain free and have happier healthier lives.” 

Kimberly decided to join our CEO Mindset™ course, thanks to a fellow veteran who recommended the program to her. Wanting to invest in her business, she was looking to focus on developing a business plan to help get her out of the employee mindset. Worried about failing or making the wrong choices, she realized she couldn’t do everything independently. CEO Mindset™ helped her change her target markets, work on hiring employees to take care of the day-to-day tasks, and grow her revenue and clientele. “I feel that I have the potential for more clients now because I have a specific game plan for my business where before I was just going with the flow.” 

As a result of CEO Mindset™ program, Kimberly knew she needed to work on her marketing but knew it was not one of her strengths. She teamed up with another JULO alum and fellow veteran, Patricia Murphy, with Marketing Smarty Pants, and delegated all her marketing needs to her and her professionals’ team. Being an avid horse rider, Trish partnered with Kim when one of her babies had muscle tension and needed some therapy. We love seeing our alums come together to get shit done! Kimberly Gomez CEO Mindset A-ha Moment @JULOStrategy

When she is not working, Kimberly is spending time with her two sons, Javier and Ezequiel. She enjoys outdoor events to enrich their lives with nature and expel some much-needed energy. As a US Marine Corps Veteran, Kimberly is currently working on a project to help fellow veterans with their physical injuries and mental illnesses as an alternative healing method, instead of narcotics and antidepressants that can further damage their bodies. 


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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida

Pepper Wooten CEO of Woo10 LLC @JULOstrategyPepper Wooten is the CEO for Woo10 LLC, which specializes in creatively developing, optimizing, and enhancing all types of instructional content. Alongside her husband and co-founder, Steve Wooten, they offer businesses and individuals consultation on their training needs and design and develop the course work of businesses needing assistance with high turnover, low productivity, recurring issues, and companies wanting to educate their workforce.

Graduating from UMass-Lowell with high honors, Pepper is a certified copy editor, interior designer, and volunteer extraordinaire. With years of experience as an educator, editor, and event coordinator, she takes functional chaos and turns it into eye-catching design that speaks to a large audience. She enjoys reading, cooking, volunteering with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society, hand lettering, spending time with her family, going to the beach, and anything that sparkles. She has even sung in Carnegie Hall and the Grand Old Opry! Believe it or not, Pepper is her actual birth name, and she ran a high-ranking book blog that reviewed 389 books in a single year. And all while running a business? That’s what we call Getting. Shit. Done.

Pepper Wooten CEO of Woo10 LLC A-ha Moment CEO Mindset @JULOstrategyHer husband being a Veteran, Pepper heard about our CEO Mindset course through our partners, Veteran’s Florida and FAVOB. She was able to take the class alongside her husband, Steve, and knew it would benefit them both to attend. Being a volunteer for 20 years, she knew there was a lot to learn about being a CEO and wanted to give Woo10 and their dream the best chance possible to succeed. Pepper felt she undervalued her time, talents, and efforts, therefore limiting herself. She learned to let go of controlling the business so much and automating, delegating and eliminating tasks. As a result, the company has restructured their process on increasing their fees and revenue and are working on hiring new employees.

You have proven you know what it takes to be a CEO, Pepper! We are excited to see your business taking off, and we look forward to continuing with you on your journey to success!


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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida

JayR McIntyre Rat Pack Worldwide Security Consulting @JULOStrategy CEO Mindset AlumniJayR McIntyre is the Founder and CEO of Rat Pack Worldwide SecurityA veteran-owned business, Rat Pack specializes in executive protection, event protection, and special missions protection. All security agents are military veterans who are trained, licensed, and certified with the ability to provide operations and logistics support from planning to execution of  the client’s security mission.  

A driven professional with a proven track record of success in leading, coordinating, and managing progressive enforcement, intelligence, and security operations in the United States Army, JayR is a Trained Executive Protection Agent and Close Protection Agent. Experienced in managing all aspects of security, anti-terrorism, and force protection initiatives, including all logistics, methodologies, and technologies; knowledgeable in preparing risk management plans, anti-terrorism measures, organizational preparedness, personal defense systems, security force management, anti-terrorism/force protection, emergency services & initial response teams, and domestic terrorism defense measures. 

During his tenure in the United States Army, JayR McIntyre served in the 1st Infantry Division in Germany from 2002-2005 with his First Deployment to Tikrit, Iraq from 2004-2005 Operation Iraqi Freedom and Served in the 1st Cavalry Division from 2005-2008 with his Second Deployment to Mosul, Iraq from 2006-2008 for 15 months. JayR also served in the 1st Armor Division from 2009-2011 with his third deployment to Mosul, Iraq 2010-2011 for 9 Months. 

He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Combat action Badge, and Numerous Army Achievement medals. Air Assault Qualified. JayR Holds a B.S in Sports Medicine and an Associates in Sports Medicine and is a graduate of The EBV UConn School of Business 2019. He also serves as the President of Student Veterans of America at Keiser University and is a Veterans Treatment Court Mentor, both in Tampa, Florida. 

During a private security deployment to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, JayR and business partner, Remi Rivera, saw the industry sacrifice both quality and agent safety in the name of profits. They started RatPack in 2018 knowing they could provide top-of-the-line security services while hiring transitioning veterans. Today, RatPack has 15 employees, and 75 contractors working across the country, and is committed to its agents as much as its clients. RatPack pays 50% above the industry average and helps ensure its veterans receive VA care and other benefits. 

JayR McIntyre A-ha CEO Mindset Moment @JULOStrategyJayR heard about our CEO Mindset course through one of our partners, Veterans FloridaLike many other people who attend the class, he wanted to understand how to be a better CEO. He realized he was wearing too many hats and learned how to delegate tasks to other employees. Since taking the course, JayR and his company landed a huge deal as an approved security vendor for the next year’s Super Bowl LV in Tampa. They opened a new office and training facility in Tampa and formed the most elite educational training in the security industry. They’ll provide executive protection and event security on the world’s biggest stage. We love to see how much you have accomplished, JayR, and we can’t wait to continue your journey into our CEO Mindset Phase Two class!   


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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida 

Trish Murphy Marketing Smarty Pants @JULOStrategyTrish Murphy is the owner and CEO of Marketing Smarty Pants, an online marketing company with an emphasis on content marketing. Content Marketing is the secret weapon to making your business stand out in the crowd. Trish helps businesses create and promote valuable content that connects with customers and builds brand equity. Trish is applauded for her fun and informative marketing presentations and providing simple content marketing solutions that fit any sized business as a content marketer. 

An Air Force Veteran, Trish was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She was stationed in Alaska for five years, which was quite the experience for her. The tremendous change in nature and culture captivated Trish, and she visits quite often. The nature is just breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. I think going to Alaska is probably the closest you can get to Mother Nature, the closest to visiting another country without actually leaving the United States. 

After having her daughter, Trish decided to part ways with the Air Force and stayed home with her children for years. After her youngest was born, she decided to get her marketing degree, where she fell in love with digital marketing. It was fairly easy to do from home, or at least remotely, so I did not have to be face to face with people all the time. Having friends who owned their own business, Trish was able to test her marketing skills by offering free help and, over time, learned the ins and outs by doing on the job training.  

Small businesses are one of Trishs key clientsSmall businesses have excellent why. They all have a passion. They do what they do because they love it. They have a great story to tell, so it makes it easy for me to connect with them. Some of her biggest tips for small businesses are not to feel like you must do it all. Somebody else may tell you completely different, and thatokay. If you do everything, you’re going to reach a point of diminishing returns if you spread yourself thin. Evaluate your social media marketing, how much you want to do on your own, then hand off the rest to somebody else to execute, then streamline what you are doing.  

Something that we talk about in our CEO Mindset™ courses Automate. Delegate. Eliminate. Trish came to JULO Strategys Phase I course to define and implement a strategic plan to gain more monthly clients. I realized the current approach I have been taking isnt going to get me there. Something must change! She learned that not just in personal relationships but in business relationships, she was drastically undervaluing herself. Collaborating with other like-minded business owners was rewarding, especially when they would all come together to tackle a challenge. As a result, she increased her fee structure and learned to delegate the execution of client work to someone else. CEO Mindset™ dives much deeper into concepts AND leaves the business owner with tangible tools that will help them adjust and grow their business in the future. Trish Murphy CEO Mindset A-ha Moment

Easily bribed with a glass of wine and a good book, when she’s not being a Smartypants, you can find her at the barn riding her horse or keeping “the boys” largely out of trouble. She is also Chairman of the Orlando Chapter for the Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses, one of our JULO collaborating partners. Trish is currently finishing up our CEO Mindset Phase II course and has proven she knows how to Get. Shit. Done. Congratulations on all your success, Trish. We are so happy to be a part of your journey! 


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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida

Clifton Fischer Co-Founder of Doggery Craft IceClifton Fischer, CEO of Doggery Craft Iceprovidewholesale and retail large format clear ice products and ice sculptures for Central and South Florida. Expertly filtered, carefully frozen, and neatly stored, their ice undergoes an intricate process to ensure that taste and clarity are unbeatable.  

Originally from North Hollywood, California, Clif enlisted in the Air Force in 1986, where he began a career as a C141b Aircraft Loadmaster. By 1988 he was one of the youngest members of the Prime Nuclear Airlift Force and, in 1992, became the first trained airdrop instructor loadmaster for the 6th Airlift Squadron. He left active duty in 1996 to join the Reserves as a tactical instructor loadmaster compiling more than 3400 flying hours during his career. Clif retired from active duty/reserve in September 2012.  

After his 27-year career in the Air Force, Clif was searching for a business opportunity he could be passionate about. Celebrating his wifes birthday at a Chicago hotel, they ordered a couple of cocktails that had these perfectly squared clear ice blocks in them.  

Back home in St. Pete, Florida, he and his business partner, Jake, had been obsessing about ice, experimenting with inexpensive freezer molds and dropping them in whiskies, bourbons, and rums. As it turns out, Craft ice is a booming business in metropolitan areas, or anywhere people care about the aesthetics of their cocktails. It dilutes the beverage less, therefore keeping the cocktail cold longer, preserving the drink’s integrity. The idea is to sell to craft cocktail bars, thatll definitely be our meat and potatoes. Then youll have your large corporations – restaurant chains, hotels, things like that.  

Clif originally joined our CEO Mindset™ course to expand his horizons as far as trying to figure out how to build, scale, and expand his business. Working in the business with his partner, Jake, who is also his son-in-law, they were doing different things in different directions and needed to focus on what was needed to move forwardA big a-ha moment for him was realizing that he needed processes and procedures in place, so anyone brought into the company would know what was asked of them.  

Communication with his business partner was a key part of overcoming any obstacles they were facing and setting core competencies as partners, whether wholesale, retail production or taking care of the bills and setting up step by step processes.  

After completing the course, Clif saw revenue increase, especially after bringing in another employee. It allowed us to go out and get business rather than staying in the warehouse and doing everything behind the scenes. We had more time to be productive, therefore bringing in more revenue.  Clifton Fischer CEO Mindset A-ha moment

Trusting in the process and not secondguessing every decision they made was an obstacle he overcame. Learning to go with his gut instinct and not ponder too much on the little things helped them expand, which is why they now have gone retail and have six stores in Florida and one in Georgia.  

Congratulations on your continued success Clif! We look forward to seeing where your Craft Ice business takes you! 


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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida 

Enrique Acosta Gonzalez Triad Leadership SolutionsEnrique Acosta Gonzalez, CEO of Triad Leadership Solutions LLC, has served as an Executive, Veteran & Advocate, Board Member, Non-Profit Administrator, Speaker, Mentor, Coach, and Avid Volunteer. Over the past 20 years, Enrique has held numerous executive advisor and senior positions while serving in the United States Navy and civilian sector. Through education and training, he helped strengthen organizations, providing sound decision support and creating open communication at all levels. Enrique also helped formulate and implement policies concerning morale, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline, and training of personnel. 

Enrique was originally born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in a neighborhood called: Sector Los Chinos, Clausells. Known for its many beautiful neoclassical buildings and facades, Ponce is referred to as: La Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South) and is potentially the most important city of them all as it pertains to the history of agricultural business development. It’s the largest city. 

After graduating from Alfredo M. Aguayo High School Enrique joined the Navy where he served for 26 years. He is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. He was named 2013, 2014, and 2017 Mentor of the Year, and recipient of the inaugural 2014 Chief John Dungan Jr. Oceanographer of the Navy Award. He was also awarded The Arnold Fletcher Award and inducted into the SALUTE National honors society for his academic achievements. He remains involved in the Armed Services as an active volunteer for various projects and non-profits, earning him the esteemed Bronze, Silver and Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award. 

Enrique is involved in several national and local organizations; namely Veterati, CFDC Veterans Business Initiative (VBI), Camaraderie Foundation Mentor Leadership Program, and Navy League of Central Florida. He graduated from the Command Leadership Course, Navy Senior Enlisted Academy, holds an A.S. from Excelsior College, a B.A. in Natural Sciences and Mathematics from Thomas Edison State University, and is currently completing his M.B.A with Herzing University. 

Enrique started Triad Leadership Group in 2018 with the goal of providing leadership, management, and career development consulting. Their motto is taking first-time and struggling leaders from ‘SucKcess to Success’ through coaching, assessments, trainings and mentorship.  

Enrique attended our JULO Strategy’s CEO Mindset™ course for one simple reason, “Learn what I need to know to make my business successful.” Completing Phase I made him realize he was a worker, not a CEO, and helping him learn to be clearer on his processes and procedures, he was able to delegate more and have better clarity, vision, and purpose. “It is hard to go somewhere when you are not clear where you are going and why. The ‘Why’ is clear now.” Enrique Acosta Gonzalez A-ha CEO Mindset Moment

He continued to Phase II and grew exponentially, seeing immediate results from everything he had been taught. “I was able to reprogram my mind to see my company from a CEO perspective and go from working in my business to working ON my business.”  

JULO loves seeing everything you have accomplished, Enrique, and we look forward to seeing you and your business succeed! 

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida