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If you have never heard of microgreens, they are young vegetable greens that fall somewhere between sprouts and baby leaf vegetables. They have an intense aromatic flavor and concentrated nutrient content and come in a variety of colors and textures. Although fragile, microgreens are versatile and flavorful and can complement or shine in any dish. And yes, they make powerful and delicious garnishes – but they are more than just toppers. Despite their small size, they pack a nutritional punch, often containing higher nutrient levels than more mature vegetable greens. This makes them a good addition to any diet.  

If you are looking for these fresh greens, Sara Ferrera, Founder and CEO of Floaty’s Farm has you covered. Sara provides local residents with these tiny but beautiful plants and does it all in her own backyard! 

Sara Ferrera spent most of her childhood running through cattle farms with friends in Russellville, Arkansas. Born in her grandparent’s cabin in the Ozark Mountains, Sara is no stranger to the wilderness and still finds solace when surrounded by nature. 

In 2011, Sara followed her grandfather’s footsteps and joined the Army as an Intelligence Analyst. She spent her days working in an office conducting research and processing Soldiers for the Combat Aviation Brigade out of Fort Riley, Kansas. Office life was a challenge, but Sara met the love of her life – in the next cubical over, and within a year, they were married. 

In August 2014, Sara left active duty to pursue the Army Reserves and experience what life was like on the “civilian side.” She soon moved to Florida to eventually become a contracted intelligence analyst until February of 2019, when she decided to pursue her passion and work toward a Fish and Wildlife Management degree. However, due to health complications, Sara put her education on hold. 

In January 2020, Sara joined the Veterans Florida Agricultural internship with the University of Florida’s Gulf Coast Research and Education Center.  This hands-on opportunity gave Sara just what she needed, a chance to learn the ins and outs of commercial agriculture. 

Sara expanded her knowledge by learning how to research chemical impacts of produce yield, identifying plant disease, identifying nematodes, and more. However, her internship was cut short due to COVID-19, and she was unable to continue lab rotations. Instead, Sara moved to the Farm Crew, where she transitioned from intern and eventually to a permanent employee. Sara’s time on the Farm Crew has been invaluable. She has learned managerial techniques, equipment logistics, and chemical operations. But the biggest lesson learned was that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you fix them and move forward. 

Sara has taken this lesson – along with her husband and team members’ encouragement and moved forward with starting her own urban farm, Floaty’s Farm.

She attended our CEO Mindset course to have a solid business plan and information on how to move forward to be successful. “I learned that I have a fear of failure but also success. I couldn’t start my business or begin to sell until I was confident in myself to get customers.” While focusing on produce, she still didn’t have a niche thereforeshe wasn’t going anywhere with the product. Encouraged by peers, she decided to focus on microgreens and when she put out there what she was selling, she sold out in ONE DAY. She managed her time better by incorporating an assistant to handle tasks so she could focus on her produce.   

Floaty’s Farm began as a multi-produce urban farm, but after going through and utilizing what she learned from JULO Strategy, Sara now produces a microgreen specialty farm. Soon after, she began raising Barred Rock chickens and vermicomposting to assist with fertilization. 

Sara has vivid plans for Floaty’s Farm’s future, including expanding produce offerings, raising livestock, and an education center to teach others about responsible farming, wildlife conservation, and how agriculture can help others battling PTSD, much like her own internship. 

Children’s opinions of their bodies form at an incredibly early age, especially young girls. With social media and apps like TikTokgirls become consumed with how many likes they get, how popular they are, all while trying to be their own person and stay true to themselves. With these young minds still developing, it can be exhausting and overwhelming to stay positive. It is difficult to escape the “ideal” body image that is promoted in today’s media and no matter how much you try to shield your child from it, the message is likely to come through.  

Kathy Smith, Founder and President of Chandelier Transformations Youth Mentoring Inc. 501c3 Nonprofit organization in the Tampa bay area, mentors young, brown-skinned girls to embrace their individuality and live boldly and confidently in who God created them to be. By transforming their mindsets to illuminate their path and the path of all they meet, it empowers them to be trailblazers in the world through coaching, speaking, community involvement, mentorship, adolescent scholarships, and social activities.  

Kathy is a veteran of the U.S. Army serving 17 years as a Human Resource Specialist. In the military she served various roles that required her to be the voice for many Soldiers as an Equal Opportunity Specialist and Sexual Assault Victim Advocate. Kathy holds a BSBA, MSHRM and is currently pursuing a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  

Growing up in Hillsborough county schools and raising a daughter and two sons of her own, Kathy felt that our younger generations needed real life role models and someone to teach them how to not only lead but communicate effectively in all aspects of their lives. She strives to instill excellence in young minority females by mentoring them on leadership, self- esteem, healthy relationships, boundaries as well as educational and Christian values to become pillars of success in their communities 

As a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Kathy is the Transformation Strategist to professional women serving in the Armed Forces, female veterans and career-minded, goal-oriented women in the civilian sector needing to move from overwhelmed and undervalued to illuminating the path for themselves and others. She walks women through tearing down walls and strongholds of generational curses and self-sabotage that have plagued women for years. Kathy trains her clients to tap into their spiritual consciousness by removing the mask that they have built their lives around and to live life boldly and confidently in their God-given purpose. Through her support, clients can unlock their identity and potential to live a life of abundance and prosperity without fear, worry, anxiety or self-doubt.  

She enjoys meditating, studying ministry and natural health remedies, as well as spending time with her family and friendsShe loves seafood and her favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

Kathy joined our CEO Mindset course to have a solid business plan, qualify and secure the funding to run Chandelier Transformations Youth Mentoring on a full-time basis and to be an essential business in her community. She wanted to network and build solid relationships with various individuals and form partnerships throughout the Tampa and St. Pete communities. 

She learned there were a lot of things she could delegate or eliminate to maximize her potential and run the business more effectively. She put strategies in place to avoid pitfalls and created tasks to get things done. A big “a-ha” was the difference of an end user client and a target client/market. “I learned that with my mentoring organization, my clients are my sponsors and donors. The girls and families that I serve are the end users.” 

Why would she recommend this course? “CEO Mindset gives you a clear strategy and develops the mindset to help you to get things done in your business. My practices, clients and tasks are clear and defined. No other training program has helped me with these things and in such a short amount of time. The pace is fast but knowing to brain dump and start with a fresh mindset, begin with the end in mind and Automate, Delegate and Eliminate! I feel that CEO Mindset has allowed me to navigate the pitfalls of starting and running a business. It has shown me I can run business in a manner that will allow for success at the current moment and well into the future. 

The New Normal

  • Twenty years ago, only a very small percentage of people worked remotely. Now we have broadband internet, smartphones, and videoconferencing. The way we work has fundamentally changed. The result is that it’s much easier to work from home, which large numbers of people now do.
  • Covid-19. 2020 was a hit on all businesses, but especially small businesses. Having to transition almost immediately during a pandemic had most of us wondering how ourselves and our businesses would survive. Having processes and systems in place for the “what if” is extremely important.
  • What many people don’t realize, however, is that working remotely is very different than working in an office. Many of the rhythms and routines that help you thrive in the office don’t work as well at home. If you’re going to thrive as a remote worker, it’s important to learn a new set of skills and strategies.
  • In this guide, we’re going to give you proven tips, tactics, and strategies that will help you work effectively from home. Ready? Let’s dive in.


Avoid Doing These

  • Avoid: Trying to prove you’re always working. With remote work, you may feel the need to prove to your boss that you’re working by immediately answering every message that comes your way. The issue with this is that it prevents you from being able to focus for extended periods of time.
  • Avoid: Always being available. You may feel like you need to be always available to your boss and coworkers. You feel obligated to respond to messages even if they come in during non-work hours. As much as possible, try to avoid responding to messages when you’re not working.
  • Avoid: Being hard on yourself. If you’re new to remote work, it’s especially important to cut yourself some slack. It’s very different than working in an office, and it’s going to take you some time to get your bearings. Over time, you’ll get better at working from home. In the meantime, don’t be hard on yourself.


Stick to a Schedule

  • One of the great advantages of remote work is that you have more flexibility to set your schedule. However, the absence of a defined schedule can also be a downfall. It can be tough to get motivated to get started.
  • To keep yourself on track, try to maintain a schedule as much as possible. Determine in advance:
  • When you’ll start work
  • Break times
  • Quitting time
  • Maintaining a predetermined schedule will add much needed structure to your day. Communicate your schedule to all the relevant parties, like your boss, family, friends, and anyone else who needs to know. Establish clear boundaries regarding when you will and won’t be working.
  • Consider creating pre-work routines that will get you in the right mindset to be productive. Think about the things you do prior to starting work at the office. Consider how you can duplicate these routines at home.
  • As tempting as it may be to spend all day working in your pajamas, take the time to actually get dressed. When you get dressed, it’s a signal to your brain and body that you’re transitioning out of relaxing and into work.
  • It’s essential to take breaks while working from home. If you’re not careful, you can end up working for hours without giving your mind a rest. Schedule activities that will refresh you mentally, like going for a walk, drinking coffee on your porch, or calling a friend.
  • It’s also important to establish clearly defined boundaries about when you will and won’t be working. If you don’t have a clearly defined quitting time, work will quickly take over. Your goal is to be fully present whatever you’re doing.


Create a Working Space

  • A designated working space can help keep your work life and home life apart. When you enter your working space, you know that it’s time to get down to business. When you leave, you know that it’s time to relax.
  • As much as possible, try to make your workspace feel separate from the rest of your living quarters. This doesn’t mean that you must have an entirely separate room to work in. It simply means that you primarily use that space for working and not leisure.
  • The more you work in one area, the more your brain will associate that area with your job. As the association in your brain strengthens, entering your workspace will act as a trigger, signaling to your brain that it’s time to work.
  • Ideally, your workspace should be as free from distractions as possible. If you can’t physically separate yourself from others, using noise-cancelling headphones can also reduce distractions.
  • Make your space comfortable. Get a comfy chair and maybe put a few decorations around you. If you can, work in a well-lit area, preferably illuminated by natural light.
  • When the day is over, “close” your working space. Shut down any work-related items on your computer (browser tabs, email) and tidy up your space so that it’s ready for tomorrow.


Use a Task List

  • Consistently maintaining a task list helps you focus the lion’s share of your attention on the things that matter most. You also gain a sense of progress as you check items off your list.
  • At the start of each day, take a few minutes to review the items on your list. Rank your three most important tasks and then focus on getting those things done that day. Don’t move on to your second most important task until you’ve completed your first.
  • There are a number of effective ways to keep a task list. There are a number of planners that are specifically designed to help you identify and accomplish your most important tasks, including:
  • Full Focus Planner
  • Best Self Planner
  • Bullet Journal
  • If you want to maintain your list on your computer and smartphone, check out these apps:
  • Todoist
  • Microsoft To Do
  • Omnifocus
  • Google Tasks
  • Things


  • If you simultaneously want to stay on top of your schedule and your task list, you may want to try using the Pomodoro technique. It works like this:
  • Identify your most important task.
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes.
  • Work on the task for 25 minutes (one Pomodoro session).
  • Take a 5-minute break.
  • After four Pomodoro sessions, take a 15-20-minute break.


Stay in Communication With Coworkers

  • Even though you’re working from home, it’s still essential to stay in touch with your boss and coworkers. With remote work, there’s an increased risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding. To keep this from happening, work hard to keep all the channels of communication open.
  • Your company may already have tools in place to keep everyone connected. If they don’t, consider using the following.
    • Chat tools. There are times when you want to fire off a quick question to a coworker without getting into a full-fledged discussion. In these moments, chat applications are incredibly useful.
    • Video conferencing tools. Video conferencing tools are essential for when you need to have a meeting but aren’t in the office. Everyone can come together in a “room” and hash things out.
    • Collaboration tools. The best collaboration tools allow you and your coworkers to easily work on projects together. Changes can be easily made and tracked, and notes can be attached to any item.
  • Project management tools. Project management tools ensure that projects keep moving and that the right people work on the right tasks at the right times. The best project management tools allow tasks to be assigned, deadlines to be set, reminders to be sent, and more.


Reduce Distractions

  • When you work from home, distractions are everywhere. These distractions can make it difficult to get things done. The more you can reduce distractions, the more productive you’ll be.
  • Know yourself. Most distractions arise internally, like getting bored, hungry, or tired. If you know when these kinds of distractions tend to arise, you can plan accordingly. For example, if your energy starts to flag in the afternoon, schedule a brisk walk.
  • Shut things down. An abundance of incoming emails, Slack messages, and texts makes it hard to focus. Sometimes the best solution is to shut all of these things down for set periods of time. Consider only checking your communication tools at designated times during the day.
  • Block distracting websites. There are a million time-wasting distractions on the internet. One of the most effective solutions is simply to block all the websites that tend to suck you in. Physically prevent yourself from wasting time.
  • Work during your peak times. There are certain times of the day when you’re more energized, focused, and productive. As much as possible, use your peak periods for your most important work. Avoid wasting these times on things like email, which you can do even when your brain is tired.


Get Moving

  • When you work from home, you’re in one location much more than normal. To combat claustrophobia, try to get outside each day. Simple outdoor activities you can do include:
  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Playing a sport like basketball
  • Fishing
  • Picnic
  • Garden
  • In addition to just getting outside, try to exercise several times per week. Consistent exercise helps you keep the pounds off and increases your overall sense of well-being. If you don’t have access to equipment, there are a number of apps that can provide you with guided workouts.


Connect With Others

  • Isolation and loneliness can be big challenges for remote workers. After all, your office mates are a big part of your social circle. That all goes away when you work from home. It takes concerted effort to ensure that you get consistent time with others. But it can be done.
  • Working at coffee shops or a coworking space can make you feel like you’re part of society, even if you’re not directly interacting with others. Taking social breaks can also be helpful. For example, you could work several hours in the morning and then grab lunch with a few friends.
  • Another option is to join local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or a softball team. You may also want to think about volunteering, which enables you to socialize with others and make a meaningful contribution to your community.
  • The big takeaway is simply to find ways that you can spend time with others. Generally speaking, extended periods of isolation aren’t healthy. So, it’s important to make the effort to be around other people.

In this ever-changing world of insurance, it can be difficult to know what type of coverage is right for you and your family. Health insurance is so important, especially these days, and having an experienced professional to assist with your needs can be helpful in finding the right program for you. 

Carrie Roberts, CEO of American Trustee of Florida LLChelps employers and individuals source affordable insurance solutions. They offer a wide variety of options for Health, Life, Supplemental, Annuities and so much more.  

A Florida native, Carrie was born and raised in the great city of Jacksonville. She left to explore the “Wild Blue Yonder” in 1989 and joined the United States Air Force where she met her husband and had two children. Carrie served 10 years in Active Duty and 3 years Civil Service as a Weather Forecaster. 

Carrie went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and her MBA with a focus in Marketing while working full-time retail management. After some time, she knew it was time to make a change as her season was over in retail. After much prayer and consideration, she entered the world of Insurance in 2016 and has not looked back.  

Carrie cut her teeth in the insurance industry as an Aflac Agent with a rapid succession to District Sales Coordinator. Wanting to provide her clients a more well-rounded suite of insurance options, Carrie became an Insurance Broker. She recently started American Trustee of Florida, LLC, where they help employers and individuals source affordable Insurance coverage to meet their needs. It is Carrie’s vision to become “THE” go to Broker for small business owners! 

Don’t ever feel like it is too late to follow your dream! In addition to running her business, Carrie is now living her lifelong dream of performing in musical theatre. After raising two children, graduating from college and two careers, her very first show was in 2019 casted as Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. She has since done two more shows and is looking forward to many more.

Carrie heard about our CEO Mindset course through one of our JULO alums, Trish Murphy. She wanted to be more of a savvy business owner, and well, learned she has a lot to learn about being a CEO! After implementing the knowledge gained, she realized she spent too much time doing things that were not income producingtherefore becoming counterproductiveShe also needed to get her processes and systems in place in order to hire. Brain dumping was a huge takeaway and allowed her to allocate her time more efficiently. “At the end of each day, I can get it all out and help myself prepare for the days to come instead of spending that time spinning my wheels.”  

For Carrie, being a CEO means to own a business, with the processes, systems and a team that she puts into place to achieve her vision. As a CEO, I am the face and cover of the business supported by a team that works together. 

Why would she recommend this class? “This particular course is different than other business coaching classes. You walk away with the means and tools to run a practical business. The lessons are real life and real world and that’s important.”  

We couldn’t agree more Carrie. We look forward to seeing your continued accomplishments! 

Are you ready to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of attaining your goals?! If the answer is yes, we know who can help you rediscover your purpose and increase your performance.  

Vince Loran is CEO of Ignite RPM, a leadership coaching and professional development company. With over 21 years in positions of increased responsibility within the United States Air Force and 5 years in the Federal Government, Vince developed Ignite RPM in January 2019. They provide business leaders and managers growth mindset strategies geared to improve shortcomings, uncover blind-spots and thrive! Their motto is Inward Transformation leads to Outward Action! 

Focusing on principles and values of Respect, Purpose, and MotivationIgnite RPM is designed to positively transform and expand your mind. They offer a developmental process where leaders attain personalized growth mindset strategies to achieve goals and become more effective leaders. Offering leadership coaching and development services across diverse sectors including non-profits, they partner with clients to offer one-on-one coaching, training and speaking services. 

Vince, originally a Bronx and Puerto Rico native, lives with his beautiful wife, Ana, in Oviedo, Florida. They have three adult daughters and one granddaughter, Cristina. Vince enjoys cycling, photography and traveling. He obtained his Leadership Coaching Certification from Georgetown University. He also completed a Certificate in Business Administration from Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Education. Vince has his BBA from Strayer University with highest honors–Summa Cum Laude.


Vince attended JULO Strategy’s CEO Mindset course to understand and apply the shift into being the CEO and becoming familiar with the art of Automate, Delegate and Eliminate (A.D.E.). Vince walked away with clear business goals and actions, and the guidance to overcome obstacles that kept him from getting where he wanted to be, therefore leading him to get out of his own way!  

He has since partnered with another JULO alum, Enrique Acosta Gonzalez, running a weekly podcast, The Leadership Void. Offering tips, tactics, and operational strategies to help you maximize your growth potential, every Wednesday they come together and discuss challenges you have and help develop and fill the areas of void in your leadership. You can check out their channel and subscribe HERE

On top of running his business and hosting a podcastVince is also obtaining his Master’s in Social Work from Barry University. You are a triple threat Vince, and JULO loves to see everything you are accomplishing. We can’t wait to see where 2021 takes you!

Stereotypes and cultural norms can dampen the interest girls have regarding math, science, and technology. Mathematicians and scientists are socially awkward men who wear glasses—at least, according to children. In our world today, the gender gap is narrowly closing due to more widespread knowledge of equality and gender equality in the workplace.  

Larry Whiteside Jr., Co-Founder, President, and a member of the  Board of Directors at ICMCP, or International Consortium of Minority Cyber Professionals, strives to achieve the consistent representation of women and minorities in the cybersecurity industry through programs designed to foster recruitment, inclusion, and retention – one person at a time. IMCP tackles the ‘great cyber divide’ with scholarship opportunities, diverse workforce development, innovative outreach, and mentoring programs. 

A Veteran CISO and former USAF Officer, Larry has 25+ years of experience building and running cybersecurity programs holding C Level Security executive roles in multiple industries, including DoD, Federal Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Critical Infrastructure.  

Larry also founded Whiteside Security in 2009, where he advises several corporate security executives and companies on how to make Cyber Security a number one objective to their business. He has helped CEOs and board members of private cybersecurity companies achieve their sales, marketing, and customer retention goals. 

Though he is not a Sneaker Head, Larry owns over 70 pairs of shoes! It includes both sneakers and dress shoes so, I guess you can call him a Shoe Head. He owns every color you can imagine coordinating with every outfit he might wear. They are all organized according to color. And it takes up a LOT of space because he wears a size 15 or 16, depending on the brand. 

In addition, he happens to have over 90 pairs of weird socks as well. I think MANY women can relate to that secret obsession! 

Larry attended JULO Strategy’s CEO Mindset course to get out of his own way and add value to himself and his business. He realized running a nonprofit was no different than running any other type of business. He needed to let his employees handle the tasks he usually controlled, allowing him to run the business as the CEO. Delegating certain responsibilities alleviated his stress and, as a result, the organization grew and ran more smoothly. He now dares to be more open with his volunteers, and with the right structure, he can accomplish his goals.  

We love how you are helping women and minorities in the community be included in the Cybersecurity community, Larry. We can’t wait to see what you continue to do with this nonprofit and the impact it will continue to have in the workplace for cybersecurity! You are one kickass CEO

If you are looking for a lesson on shrimp, Thom Favorin is the teacher you need. As Founder and CEO of Harvest Moon Seafood, Thom and his crew supply all natural, chemicalfree, sustainably caught Florida Pink, Atlantic White, and Royal Red Shrimp. They believe in bringing back local and naturally sourced product from great Florida fisheries to not only Florida restaurants, but people across the nation.  

Having a relationship with the Captains themselves, Harvest Moon provides sea to table fresh seafood. They are a 100% disabled veteran owned business providing the best product possible. A portion of their sales go back to fellow veterans and they partner with HEAVENDROPt, a nonprofit that employs disabled veterans and civilians to help give them purpose in their lives. They accomplish this by providing employment opportunities to these two segments of our population. 

Originally from Pennsylvania, Thom spent ten years in the Army before being medically discharged after an airborne incident where he broke his back. He became a medic firefighter for the next 20 years. After having a severe heart attack and subsequent triple heart bypass, he retired and started his entrepreneurship with Harvest Moon Seafood LLC. Believe it or not, Thom used to HATE seafood! After his surgery, his taste buds changed and now he cannot get enough of it!  

Thom can tell you everything you ever needed to know about shrimp. For instance, did you know that there are over 300 different species of shrimp? While only a small portion are available commercially, each one has its own flavor profile. White shrimp have a sweeter flavor profile, while pink shrimp are the common one you see behind the seafood counter. If you like lobster, rock shrimp or royal red shrimp are great for their firm texture and you can even substitute them for lobster as a more affordable option.   

Thom heard about our CEO Mindset course through one of our partners, Veterans Florida, and felt it was exactly what his business needed at the time. Finding out he was “too nice of a guy”, he realized he needed to step up in the CEO role 

of his company and start taking control of what he needed for his business to succeed. “It was an amazing course with so much knowledge, and the energy throughout the whole group of participants was just amazing. The information was out there but you just didn’t realize or think of it on a regular basis when running your company.”  

Soon after taking the course, COVID took a toll on restaurants, taking Thom’s production from 30 restaurants to just 2. Thom felt the anxiety most of the population was struggling with, “What do I do now? What is my plan B? They pivoted to online home delivery and business took off. They will soon introduce an ecommerce website to be able to ship Florida seafood nationwide. After 7 months of hard work and collaboration, Thom and Harvest Moon Seafood have partnered with Jackson and Partners, a sales and marketing team that gives back to Veterans. 22% of Harvest Moon Seafood’s gross net sales gives back to the HEAVENDROPt program. 

In his spare time, Thom loves going to the beach with his family, his wife of 28 years and two beautiful daughters ages 24 and 16JULO loves your generosity towards your fellow Veterans, Thom. It’s amazing to see how far you have come in your journey to success. We congratulate you on everything you have accomplished and can’t wait to see your business thrive!  

If you are looking for a trustworthy lawyer to help you with a will, trust, or estate planning, Jessica Lynn Silva, CEO of Law Office of Jessica Lynn Law, can help you with this process. Serving the entire state of Florida, Jessica and her team strive to assist clients in a way that exceeds expectations. They provide wisdom and guidance in estate planning strategies and being your advocate in probating the estate of a loved one who has passed away.  

Jessica first began her legal career as a paralegal with Brock and Scott, PLLC, over twenty years ago.  Before opening her law firm, she garnered legal experience through her previous roles as an Estate Planning and Probate Associate Attorney with a local law firm, several years as Judicial Assistant to a Brevard County Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit, and as a Civil Litigation Paralegal, Real Estate Paralegal, Certified Notary Signing Agent, Real Estate Agent, Florida Mortgage Loan Originator, Real Estate Investor, and Property Manager.  In addition to practicing law, Jessica is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified County Civil Mediator, mediating County Civil, Circuit Civil (including Probate), and Family Law cases.

Jessica was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. However, she grew up traveling the United States and overseas as the daughter of a military family. She then married the United States Air Force Officer from Hawaii and traveled to the United States again, this time as a military wife. Jessica had resided in Viera, Florida with her husband and three children (two boys and a girl) since 2011 when they arrived via military assignment and ended up choosing to retire (from the military) there.

Jessica heard about our CEO Mindset™ course through one of our partners FAVOB (Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses). She and her husband took the class together to strategize and focus on the niche of both their businesses and get guidance to set goals and learn what their strengths and weaknesses were implementing processes. One of Jessica’s highlights was learning the value of her worth and time per hour and translating that into gaining confidence bringing in new employees in her business. Even though she had an extensive background, getting the mentorship to broaden her mindset was invaluable.  Since taking the course, Jessica has opened a second location and is currently preparing to open her THIRD location in Tampa. What an amazing accomplishment! 

Jessica enjoys volunteering at her church and within the community.  She also enjoys quality time with her family and friends, kayaking, boating, listening to podcasts, interior decorating, reading, modeling, and being a voiceover artist.

“I feel so privileged to serve clients and their families in the community that I love. I look forward to meeting and helping more individuals and families soon.”

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