About Us

Hi! We are JULO Strategy Global!

JULO Strategy Global consists of risk-takers, life-long learners, successful dreamers and trusted doers working together to bring out the CEO in YOU!

You may be new to business, but we are seasoned and experienced! Our Team is made up of entrepreneurs and professionals with nearly 100 years of combined experience building successful businesses and thriving careers – both our own and our clients’.

Our success, and theirs, didn’t happen by accident! We’ve spent years cultivating proven business strategies and practicing what we now teach to other professionals and business owners seeking a way forward in their own success — what we call the CEO Mindset.

You see, we believe there’s a CEO in everyone! And overcoming the obstacles you face in your quest for success requires a monumental shift toward becoming the CEO of YOU.

So, whether you are looking to change careers, solve tough problems in your current role or build your own successful organization as an entrepreneur, we facilitate the CEO mindset shift in you. The results are nothing short of phenomenal.

Meet the Team!

Juliann Nichols

Founder and CEO/Chief Strategist

With over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, Juliann walks her talk! She has cultivated a personal brand that demonstrates who she is no matter what she is doing, with a “million-dollar PhD in Entrepreneurism”.

She is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, and currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, with her fur baby, Riggs. And she is the mother of Jackie and Jake, and “Diva G” to Jackson, Oliver, Jayden and Henry. 

Juliann’s approach to business and her professional life has been evolving since she started her first business as a mobile disc jockey when she was 16. After high school, she continued this business while attaining her degree in Theatre and Fine Arts from Emporia State University.

As she grew her family after college, Juliann added a traditional job to her repertoire, as a legal assistant by day. This experience took Juliann through a series of events that ultimately resulted in her launching a private detective agency!

As CEO/Chief Investigator with only a great reputation and contacts in hand, Juliann quickly learned the ropes in this male-dominated industry and continued to build a very successful agency for 15 years. One of the accomplishments that she is most proud of is that she competed for and won one of the largest private investigation service contracts ever issued by the State of Kansas. Juliann grew that company until, as most serial entrepreneurs do, she could no longer ignore her calling to take herself in a different direction toward a whole new set of adventures! She sold her private detective agency and has never looked back.

Juliann has since worked as a business development executive for private industry clients, community organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce, and a national women’s professional networking group. During that time, Juliann also launched B.BOK Bags. This was a beautiful line of custom-made handbags that sold in the luxury accessories market. She built and grew this one for nearly six years until the “great recession” hit. It was during the recession that her current vision was born. Many of her peers and former colleagues were seeking her guidance and asking her to share her advice. That signaled the need for starting “Focus on You”, which has eventually expanded into the JULO Strategy Global team that we know and love today. Under her leadership, JULO Strategy Global is now 15 years old and enjoys a 95% success rate in guiding CEO’s through to accelerated growth!

Juliann is sought after as an expert in the field and a frequent keynote speaker. She is also engaged in entrepreneurial ecosystem building, mentoring and strategizing with other ecosystem builders on JULO CEO Mindset™ across the globe. Juliann is a member of the national Startup Champions Network and is recognized and awarded in many communities for her business acumen and charitable contributions.


Adrianne Lucas

CEO/Chief Exchange Officer

Adrianne is a dedicated leader and lifelong learner with over ten years of experience in helping people, businesses, and communities thrive. Shortly after graduating from the College of the Ozarks near Branson, MO, Adrianne began to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding in the nonprofit sector that would eventually lead her to champion the mission, vision, and brand of national nonprofits. She has held leadership positions at Ronald McDonald House Charities, Love INC, and The Salvation Army, where she contributed to the growth and success of these organizations. 

Adrianne’s passion in organizational development and leadership training aligns perfectly with JULO Strategy Global. She believes that investing in the development of individuals within an organization is the key to its long-term success. Drawing inspiration from Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Adrianne firmly embraces Habit 5: “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” This philosophy allows her to effectively execute social media strategies, website management, communications, and “everything” else. After experiencing her own “JULO Moment” during the JULO CEO Mindset™ course, which helped her shift her thoughts to better support her goals, she is excited for others to #GetJULO’d too!

While Adrianne’s professional accomplishments are notable, her most cherished work is her family. She is the proud wife of an Army Veteran and a loving mother to three unique and beautiful children who bring great joy and laughter into her life. Every day is a new adventure with them. In addition to her human family, Adrianne shares her home with a brown goldendoodle named Goose and a black fire-breathing cat named Toothless, who does, indeed, have teeth. 


Evan Krueger

CEO/Chief Expansion Officer

Evan is a driven executive with a proven track record of over 19 years in strategic planning, revenue generation, and collaborative solutions. With his hands-on approach, Evan excels at building positive relationships and empowering others to seize opportunities for growth and achieve excellence. As a Florida native currently residing in Tampa, FL, Evan combines his passion for developing leaders with his expertise in non-profit organizations to help other excel in their personal and professional pursuits.

Evan’s journey began as a summer camp counselor and continued at Florida State University, where he cultivated a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in the non-profit sector. With extensive experience in leadership and facilitation, Evan has made significant contributions to organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Girl Scouts. His diverse skill set includes fundraising, strategic planning, fiscal oversight, grant management, community partnerships, program development, and operational management. This well-rounded background equips Evan to support others in achieving their goals and unlocking their full potential.

Notable for his professional achievements, Evan has consistently delivered outstanding results. He has a proven ability to drive revenue growth, transform underperforming business lines into profit centers, improving customer service outcomes and customer retention. He has additionally demonstrated strategic visioning at multiple times in past roles with Girl Scouts including the navigation of challenges with the impact of COVID-19 where he implemented virtual and packaged summer camp programs, surpassing previous in-person programming in terms of participation rates and reach.

Evan’s dedication to continuous learning and professional growth is exemplified by his certificates in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace from the University of South Florida and Event Management from Florida State University. With his strategic mindset, leadership acumen, and passion for making a positive impact, Evan is committed to driving individual and organizational success and fostering thriving communities.


Colonel Luis “Fred” Ortiz, USA, Retd.

JULO Advisor

Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Kansas, a master’s degree in continuing adult education from Kansas State University, and a master’s degree in strategic studies from the Army War College.

After college, Fred worked as a Quality Control Technician for Century Oils Inc. in Kansas City for two years. He then joined the Army, serving for 35 years in various roles. During his time as an Enlisted Soldier and Non-commissioned Officer (NCO), he was deployed for combat operations in the Gulf War. Throughout his military career, Fred held command positions at different levels, including Squad, Platoon, Company, Battalion, and Brigade. He commanded diverse organizations, ranging from Logistical and Recruiting Companies to Chemical Ammunition Plants and Arsenals, overseeing both military personnel and civilian contractors.

At the staff level, Fred provided specialized support in positions such as Observer/Trainer, preparing commanders and staff for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. He also served as an Operations Officer at different levels within the Army system. In 44 months of combat (Desert Storm / Desert Shield; Operation Enduring Freedom – OEF IX, XI, and XIII), he fulfilled roles such as squad leader, staff planner supporting Afghan security forces, and Current Operations Officer for Combined Joint Task Force-1.

Throughout his career, Fred has excelled in team building and leadership, guiding teams through challenging situations with positive outcomes. Examples include successful recruitment efforts during the early stages of the War on Terrorism (OIF/OEF), fostering productive negotiations between Pakistani and Afghan Soldiers, and overseeing pre-deployment training for combat operations. He has also led teams during natural disasters, supported the Afghanistan withdrawal, and deployed forces in support of NATO during the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Fred’s accomplishments have earned him numerous awards, including the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and many more. He is married to Stacey Morris from Overland Park, Kansas, and they have four children and 12 grandchildren.


Paris Cheffer

CEO/Chief Experience Officer

Paris Cheffer is a seasoned professional with a diverse background that spans across various industries. He began his career as a talented opera singer and musical theater performer, captivating audiences at Carnegie Hall and beyond. As he transitioned into a new career, Paris utilized his exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills to manage corporate events at a boutique firm in New York City.

With the arrival of his son, Paris embarked on a new journey, leveraging his experience to manage a network of real estate professionals and becoming a sought-after social media consultant. He later assumed the role of marketing director at a large Managed IT Service Provider, where he excelled in building and cultivating relationships. Upon relocating to Florida, Paris applied his creative skills to develop an automated marketing program for a promotional products manufacturer and served as the client engagement manager for a trade association.  Paris is a JULO CEO Mindset Alum and is currently working to bring his expertise in client relations and co-working community management to JULO Strategy Global. When he’s not working, Paris enjoys reading and indulging in his passion for watercolor painting, despite his self-proclaimed lack of skill. With his wealth of experience and diverse skill set, Paris is a valuable asset to the JULO Strategy Global team!


Pete Blum

CEO/Chief Education Officer

Pete brings 30 years of combined experience to JULO Global from military to corporate to small business/startup. Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, he joined the military at 17 and served a total of 11 years (4 Navy – 7 Marines). He enjoyed his time serving his country and his last command was as a logistics chief for the Presidential Helicopter Squadron (HMX-1) in Quantico, VA.

Prior to JULO Global, Pete has had roles such as COO, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Marketing Director, and CIO. Aside from the servant leadership he has provided throughout his time in the military and civilian life, he has also been an adult education trainer, facilitator, coach, and mentor to individuals, teams, and businesses.

Pete continues to serve the military community by volunteering for the following veteran organizations, providing specific needs to each such as technical training, social media and website administration, teaching them about entrepreneurship and starting a business, and helping them on their life and/or faith journey:

  • Veterans For Worship, Chief of Staff | Vice Chair | Tampa Chapter Leader | Director of Networking | International Expansion
  • Project Transition USA, Technology Trainer | Associate Instructor | Group Manager | Advisory Board Member
  • Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses (FAVOB), Immediate Past Chairman, Greater Tampa Bay Chapter
  • Florida Naval Sailors Association, Chaplain

With a desire to help others on an even deeper level, Pete has become Mental Health Life Coach Certified and Certified as a Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, & DISC Trainer enabling him to expand what he does over the last few years to include helping the military and civilian communities with PTS, anxiety, depression, and other afflictions. His ultimate goal is to help everyone get to a positive, healthy lifestyle that produces a higher level of balance, performance, and success. In addition, he also serves the homeless community.

Pete is married to Brenda Blum from Joliet, Illinois. Between the two of them they have six children and 5 grandchildren.

Pete’s favorite things to do are geocaching with Brenda and exploring new places.

Riggs Nichols

CEO/Chief Energy Officer

Meet Riggs, a loveable combination of Catahoula Leopard Dog and Labrador, mixed with boundless energy and pure joy. As Chief Energy Officer, he wears his job title with pride and style, just as he does his signature bowtie. His upbeat personality and spirit of determination make him a welcome addition to the JULO Strategy Global community.

With a friendly smile and eyes that radiate curiosity, Riggs is the perfect adventure partner. From chasing frisbees in the waves of the Gulf Coast to embarking on Appalachian trails with his trademark wagging tail, he shares in Juliann’s sense of adventure as a true traveler, discoverer, and explorer at heart. Riggs’s loving nature extends to everyone he meets, forging instant connections and best friends. Whether he’s cuddled up for a nap at Juliann’s side or leading the neighborhood pack in playful escapades, Riggs leaves an indelible paw print on hearts, reminding us of the simple pleasures of life in every tail wag and slobbery kiss.