JULO Strategy

Since 2007, JULO Strategy has been a force for change for people and their businesses. Our proven programs have equipped hundreds of CEOs and business leaders with tools and methods that result in improved productivity, profitability, and capacity.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room – you’re in the wrong room…”

JULO Strategy’s CEO Exchange is a confidential in person and virtual gathering of CEO’s and other leaders. In this meeting of minds, participants draw from the combined wisdom to resolve current challenges and gain new resources. This pitch free zone allows leaders to meet, engage, land quality clients, manage time and finances in order to effectively scale your business. Remember, if you had all the answers, you wouldn’t be looking for them.

You can’t do it all. How can you lead, firefight, and attempt to grow your business when you can get to it? With the CEO Mindset™ program from JULO Strategy, will help you find the resources, relationships and resolutions that you need for success. When you become the CEO of You, forward movement and growth happens with focus and ease. It is time to focus on YOU and your value to your business as the CEO! Remember- You can’t be a CEO with an employee mindset!

In order to best guide you to success, the CEO Mindset™ program offers two class options: Startup & Growth.

CEO Mindset™ Startup:  The Startup class mobilizes entrepreneurs who are in the beginning stages of generating ideas and turning dreams into action! It is for entrepreneurs who have not yet started their business or who have had a business for up to a year.

CEO Mindset™ Growth: The Growth class evaluates where your business is today and identifies obstacles that keep you feeling stuck and prevent you from growing your business. This class is for entrepreneurs who have owned their business for 2+ years.

Sometimes, to turn your ideas into success, you need someone to help you see the next best step. JULO Strategy’s One-on-One sessions can be just the thing you need to get you to next level thinking. This confidential, session provides unbiased, judgment-free guidance. We also share practical, high-quality advice that will move you forward. We are respectful, upbeat, and encouraging. And we’re honest and direct, because we’re serious about helping you achieve your goals. You may have the greatest idea in the world but without the proper focus it will remain just an idea.

Sometimes what you need isn’t on the shelf. For more complex situations, we offer JULO Strategy Consulting Services. Whether you are a corporation or non-profit, if you have issues from managing cash flow, hiring and retention for your high performing employees, we can set up a program that will meet you and your team where they are and get you to where you want to be.  The only way out is through and sometimes you need a guide.

A vibrant and motivational speaker, Juliann Nichols is constantly in demand to help teams grow, take action, and be more engaged. Dynamic and life changing have been the responses to her appearances with the information that she has shared with companies, nonprofits and even youth groups and students. Every fire starts with a spark.