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Trish Murphy Marketing Smarty Pants @JULOStrategyTrish Murphy is the owner and CEO of Marketing Smarty Pants, an online marketing company with an emphasis on content marketing. Content Marketing is the secret weapon to making your business stand out in the crowd. Trish helps businesses create and promote valuable content that connects with customers and builds brand equity. Trish is applauded for her fun and informative marketing presentations and providing simple content marketing solutions that fit any sized business as a content marketer. 

An Air Force Veteran, Trish was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She was stationed in Alaska for five years, which was quite the experience for her. The tremendous change in nature and culture captivated Trish, and she visits quite often. The nature is just breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. I think going to Alaska is probably the closest you can get to Mother Nature, the closest to visiting another country without actually leaving the United States. 

After having her daughter, Trish decided to part ways with the Air Force and stayed home with her children for years. After her youngest was born, she decided to get her marketing degree, where she fell in love with digital marketing. It was fairly easy to do from home, or at least remotely, so I did not have to be face to face with people all the time. Having friends who owned their own business, Trish was able to test her marketing skills by offering free help and, over time, learned the ins and outs by doing on the job training.  

Small businesses are one of Trishs key clientsSmall businesses have excellent why. They all have a passion. They do what they do because they love it. They have a great story to tell, so it makes it easy for me to connect with them. Some of her biggest tips for small businesses are not to feel like you must do it all. Somebody else may tell you completely different, and thatokay. If you do everything, you’re going to reach a point of diminishing returns if you spread yourself thin. Evaluate your social media marketing, how much you want to do on your own, then hand off the rest to somebody else to execute, then streamline what you are doing.  

Something that we talk about in our CEO Mindset™ courses Automate. Delegate. Eliminate. Trish came to JULO Strategys Phase I course to define and implement a strategic plan to gain more monthly clients. I realized the current approach I have been taking isnt going to get me there. Something must change! She learned that not just in personal relationships but in business relationships, she was drastically undervaluing herself. Collaborating with other like-minded business owners was rewarding, especially when they would all come together to tackle a challenge. As a result, she increased her fee structure and learned to delegate the execution of client work to someone else. CEO Mindset™ dives much deeper into concepts AND leaves the business owner with tangible tools that will help them adjust and grow their business in the future. Trish Murphy CEO Mindset A-ha Moment

Easily bribed with a glass of wine and a good book, when she’s not being a Smartypants, you can find her at the barn riding her horse or keeping “the boys” largely out of trouble. She is also Chairman of the Orlando Chapter for the Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses, one of our JULO collaborating partners. Trish is currently finishing up our CEO Mindset Phase II course and has proven she knows how to Get. Shit. Done. Congratulations on all your success, Trish. We are so happy to be a part of your journey! 


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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida

Clifton Fischer Co-Founder of Doggery Craft IceClifton Fischer, CEO of Doggery Craft Iceprovidewholesale and retail large format clear ice products and ice sculptures for Central and South Florida. Expertly filtered, carefully frozen, and neatly stored, their ice undergoes an intricate process to ensure that taste and clarity are unbeatable.  

Originally from North Hollywood, California, Clif enlisted in the Air Force in 1986, where he began a career as a C141b Aircraft Loadmaster. By 1988 he was one of the youngest members of the Prime Nuclear Airlift Force and, in 1992, became the first trained airdrop instructor loadmaster for the 6th Airlift Squadron. He left active duty in 1996 to join the Reserves as a tactical instructor loadmaster compiling more than 3400 flying hours during his career. Clif retired from active duty/reserve in September 2012.  

After his 27-year career in the Air Force, Clif was searching for a business opportunity he could be passionate about. Celebrating his wifes birthday at a Chicago hotel, they ordered a couple of cocktails that had these perfectly squared clear ice blocks in them.  

Back home in St. Pete, Florida, he and his business partner, Jake, had been obsessing about ice, experimenting with inexpensive freezer molds and dropping them in whiskies, bourbons, and rums. As it turns out, Craft ice is a booming business in metropolitan areas, or anywhere people care about the aesthetics of their cocktails. It dilutes the beverage less, therefore keeping the cocktail cold longer, preserving the drink’s integrity. The idea is to sell to craft cocktail bars, thatll definitely be our meat and potatoes. Then youll have your large corporations – restaurant chains, hotels, things like that.  

Clif originally joined our CEO Mindset™ course to expand his horizons as far as trying to figure out how to build, scale, and expand his business. Working in the business with his partner, Jake, who is also his son-in-law, they were doing different things in different directions and needed to focus on what was needed to move forwardA big a-ha moment for him was realizing that he needed processes and procedures in place, so anyone brought into the company would know what was asked of them.  

Communication with his business partner was a key part of overcoming any obstacles they were facing and setting core competencies as partners, whether wholesale, retail production or taking care of the bills and setting up step by step processes.  

After completing the course, Clif saw revenue increase, especially after bringing in another employee. It allowed us to go out and get business rather than staying in the warehouse and doing everything behind the scenes. We had more time to be productive, therefore bringing in more revenue.  Clifton Fischer CEO Mindset A-ha moment

Trusting in the process and not secondguessing every decision they made was an obstacle he overcame. Learning to go with his gut instinct and not ponder too much on the little things helped them expand, which is why they now have gone retail and have six stores in Florida and one in Georgia.  

Congratulations on your continued success Clif! We look forward to seeing where your Craft Ice business takes you! 


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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida 

Hiram Diaz - Desarrollador de Residuales FarmasiHiram Diaz from childhood believed in himself and in his ability to persevere. His family structure was not what you might consider a traditional support system, to him it felt broken and challenging. His experience in middle school and moving up through high school, began to mold him into what appeared to be a difficult student.  The one that teachers felt would fall through the cracks.  If 7th grade were divided into five different 7th grade classes where 7-A would be considered the best class with the best students, he was in 7-Z.  He always felt his teachers and the system had a place for him that he argued was not who he was inside or who he wanted to become.

Hiram’s mother worked as a substitute teacher and in constant transition. Most of the schools she taught at were among the most dangerous and undesired schools in the hottest ghettos of Metro San Juan. All this instability and constant change began to convince him that the system was accurate.   He was beginning to lose his own self-confidence in what he saw for his future.

When the time for college came that stereotype of a difficult student followed him.  His frustrations over this resulted in physical fights in class leading to his expulsion.  He was only able to accumulate 3 college credits in Physical Education.  Nothing that could go toward an actual degree or major.  As a result of this, he could not land a proper job, the dark cloud seemed to continue to blur his vision.  At this time, is situation was more challenging as he was now married and had a child to care for.  He finally secured his first good job at a hardware store where he was then fired due to his appearance.

Hiram was always a leader at heart that translated to being a trend-setter from his clothing to his hair. Management at his place of employment could not get passed his dreadlocks and his fashion sense. It was not what they felt best defined them as a brand. Heavy hearted, Hiram today and even then, understood the reason, but as a true non-conformist, he knew he had to define his own path to success.

During these difficult times he met a man who helped him find his identity in Christ, and who still till this day is his pastor, spiritual leader, father-figure, and business mentor, Pastor Angel Molina.  A man who stood with posture and embodied the definition of a true gentleman, a provider, and successful entrepreneur and author. Angel Molina has two books in the entrepreneur space “Conquistando Tu Libertad Financiera” and “Momentum: La Clave Para Un Negocio Exitoso.”

The time invested with his Pastor helped Hiram find himself connect with God and fill his spiritual void. These were the things Hiram was determined to learn, become, and reflect. Hiram wanted to achieve household governance, stewardship, and be part of an enterprise. When his pastor explained the concept of Network Marketing it came natural to him. That was the space he saw opportunity.  He knew this was a time to shift and he knew he could shine.

From then and to this day, Hiram has instructed, educated, and supported others by training over 22,000+ families to an accumulated 60,480 hours of instruction. He likes numbers and sees them as milestones for self-growth. He understands he is now at an expert level in the realm of Network Marketing.  While humbled by his success, he understands his responsibility to what the next level requires of him.

Hiram now thinks, acts, and understands money, but more importantly understands poverty. He understands poverty to be an actual strategy, and he understands that for an individual to elevate or escape poverty he/she must understand their own wisdom. Wisdom, he says, as he discovered in Proverbs Chapter 24:14. Wisdom is that thing you must know how to decode, or it passes you by. Not by luck, but by opening your mind to accept and learn how to leverage in life. Hiram Diaz Network Marketing

Hiram feels strongly about the need to deconstruct your way of thinking.  If your end-in-mind is to lead a business and succeed, how do you extract disinformation from what you have been programed to believe. He says, “Pause, reflect within, and ask yourself why do you know what you know? And does it lead you to success.” He added “you must define your mentors and understand their process to win the challenge of success”—Hiram looks at success as a challenge you must be ready for. He speaks to the importance of wisdom, but he reflects a level of dedication often missed by those in an employee mindset.

He understands that we are educated to participate in poverty and some societies more than others. He always lived in disorder and always strived for the opposite. Both his current Pastor Abel Molina as well as his original mentor Ramon Mojica, let him know you start with structure around you, define your day, carry out your promises, keep a schedule and keep it along with your agenda and planner. Follow this by the ability to produce, educate, and transform others.

Today Hiram’s organization clears $2 million per month in revenue.  He understands that along with his team, they have achieved prosperity. He understands that once you are part of that 9% in today’s economic structure, laws begin to work in your favor.   Provided laws, like taxation, were established by the rich to protect their own. Hiram feels confident his organization’s platform provides the best path to true wealth and walks the individual through steps supported through a community of practitioners. Wealth is not only achieved through dedication and training time invested in oneself, but also by allowing your family to ride along. As he sees it, there should not be a separation from family or significant other if you want to be an entrepreneur and achieve success. In Hiram’s organization, they strive for family-inclusive work-life balance. He says “why should a single mother feel like their child’s interruption during a Facebook live event be considered as negative? On the contrary, we should teach our children early to find their own path and be their beacon of guidance.”

10 Codes To Follow Hiram Diaz FarmasiHiram’s focus and mission are one that helps others disinform and turn back the time to that moment they were told what to do, who they are, and why their individual value seems predetermined. He wants people to self-discover the reason why they think, and moreover, why they think the way they do. He tells them to stop, deprogram, and grow. He wants people to look within and ask themselves, why am I stuck? Why do I start things and never finish them? He wants people to strive to get to a place where they understand their worth and use their mind to discover creativity and innate intelligence. He says, “I want to instill in others the ability to stop pointing fingers, judge less, help others.”

At JULO Strategy we celebrate the opportunity to speak with Hiram Diaz and realize our paths have crossed due to our approach on elevating the entrepreneurial mindset.  We can only watch in awe of what is next for Hiram and his team. Continued success Hiram!

At JULO Strategy we believe that overcoming the obstacles you face in your quest for success requires a monumental shift toward a new mindset — what we call the CEO Mindset. We believe there’s a CEO in everyone. And when you become the CEO of YOU, you’ll always move forward in the right direction with focus and ease.

To learn more about Hiram Diaz follow the links below:

Hiram Diaz: Facebook Business Page https://www.facebook.com/Inversionist/
Hiram Diaz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hiramceo/
Website: https://www.farmasius.com/HiramDiaz
TikTok Handle @hiramceo

Pastor Ramon Mojica (Mentor) @ramon_mojicapr

Pastor Angel Molina (Mentor) @angelmolinagali


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Enrique Acosta Gonzalez Triad Leadership SolutionsEnrique Acosta Gonzalez, CEO of Triad Leadership Solutions LLC, has served as an Executive, Veteran & Advocate, Board Member, Non-Profit Administrator, Speaker, Mentor, Coach, and Avid Volunteer. Over the past 20 years, Enrique has held numerous executive advisor and senior positions while serving in the United States Navy and civilian sector. Through education and training, he helped strengthen organizations, providing sound decision support and creating open communication at all levels. Enrique also helped formulate and implement policies concerning morale, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline, and training of personnel. 

Enrique was originally born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in a neighborhood called: Sector Los Chinos, Clausells. Known for its many beautiful neoclassical buildings and facades, Ponce is referred to as: La Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South) and is potentially the most important city of them all as it pertains to the history of agricultural business development. It’s the largest city. 

After graduating from Alfredo M. Aguayo High School Enrique joined the Navy where he served for 26 years. He is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. He was named 2013, 2014, and 2017 Mentor of the Year, and recipient of the inaugural 2014 Chief John Dungan Jr. Oceanographer of the Navy Award. He was also awarded The Arnold Fletcher Award and inducted into the SALUTE National honors society for his academic achievements. He remains involved in the Armed Services as an active volunteer for various projects and non-profits, earning him the esteemed Bronze, Silver and Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award. 

Enrique is involved in several national and local organizations; namely Veterati, CFDC Veterans Business Initiative (VBI), Camaraderie Foundation Mentor Leadership Program, and Navy League of Central Florida. He graduated from the Command Leadership Course, Navy Senior Enlisted Academy, holds an A.S. from Excelsior College, a B.A. in Natural Sciences and Mathematics from Thomas Edison State University, and is currently completing his M.B.A with Herzing University. 

Enrique started Triad Leadership Group in 2018 with the goal of providing leadership, management, and career development consulting. Their motto is taking first-time and struggling leaders from ‘SucKcess to Success’ through coaching, assessments, trainings and mentorship.  

Enrique attended our JULO Strategy’s CEO Mindset™ course for one simple reason, “Learn what I need to know to make my business successful.” Completing Phase I made him realize he was a worker, not a CEO, and helping him learn to be clearer on his processes and procedures, he was able to delegate more and have better clarity, vision, and purpose. “It is hard to go somewhere when you are not clear where you are going and why. The ‘Why’ is clear now.” Enrique Acosta Gonzalez A-ha CEO Mindset Moment

He continued to Phase II and grew exponentially, seeing immediate results from everything he had been taught. “I was able to reprogram my mind to see my company from a CEO perspective and go from working in my business to working ON my business.”  

JULO loves seeing everything you have accomplished, Enrique, and we look forward to seeing you and your business succeed! 

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida 

Taré Torres Head Shot JULO StrategyThe Go Ask Alice Radio Show is intended to spread positivity among business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s broadcasted live on Jet Radio 1400AM or 96.7FM in the Erie, PA area Alice set a quest to disrupt the positive news space and allow for Small Business Owners to share success stories and respond to those looking for a solution to local business challenges. Those challenges are not always measured by direct ROI but also by what mindset entrepreneurs face with their personal life. 

You can’t imagine how excited the JULO Strategy staff was when Alice invited our Chief Strategist and Founder of JULO, Juliann Nichols, to be featured on her show. Juliann and Alice hold in common that same passion to enable entrepreneurs as they face business challenges. 

As a listener, I kept thinking of the design the universe holds for all. Alice’s premise for the show was to highlight the accomplishments of Juliann as a “Million-Dollar PHD in Entrepreneurism” but in fact we’re all only as successful as those whom we help. Alice is an inspiration to those whom she’s been able to reach, and I believe I speak for all on the JULO Strategy Staff, we’re just excited to see what’s next for Alice and her platform – The Go Ask Alice Radio Show. The Go Ask Alice Radio Show

While Juliann has had national recognition in her past endeavors, we’re looking forward to how Juliann and JULO Strategy can reach many more in need during these challenging timesAt JULO we believe there’s a CEO in everyone. During the show Juliann spoke about CEO Mindset and how it helps entrepreneurs move forward in the right direction with focus and ease. The exciting part for me is to experience the transition. That before and after. Of course, the testimonials by our CEOs are validation to our why and results, but watching how our CEOs interact amongst each other, the relationships that are built and the help they continue to source from each other is nothing but remarkable. This comes at a time when business owners are asking themselves where they can turn for help, or who will be that next connection they must make to impact their business. CEOs are finding those resources in our CEO Mindset cohort and they’re connecting from all parts of this amazing country.  

I often hear our CEOs reflect on how happy they are to know they’re not alone. That regardless of what business they run, most suffer similar challenges and have now found a place to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. 

As the JULO team debriefed with Juliann about her experience on The Go Ask Alice Radio Show, you can hear a tone of humility and happiness, I would attribute this to that passion Juliann has to help others and admire their successes. This came across clearly on the show and off the show. Juliann also mentioned her pursuit to help Veteran Entrepreneurs, which is a big part of our Florida Alumni thanks to our partnership with Veterans Florida and the Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses (FAVOB). 

What’s next? Well an article Juliann recently wrote “Entrepreneurship Is A Community Sport says plenty, I can tell you what got stuck in my head…  “To help entrepreneurs, we need to get into the game. Get out and find a playground and get the neighborhood together to play the entrepreneur game.” – Juliann Nichols. 

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Keith Giles Founder & CEO of Verus Health Partners photoKeith Giles, CEO of Verus Health Partners, has been helping business owners, individuals, and family members for over ten years beat the high cost of healthcare and sort through all the confusion in the industry. He has served many roles in the industry over the years, including advisor for the public sector and non-profit businesses.  

The 23-year United States Air Force Veteran has a diverse background, including Aircraft Maintenance, US Secret Service Communications Support, Superintendent of Education. His favorite assignment was Program Manager for the Office of Defense Cooperation at the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After leaving the service, Keith pursued his dream in the engineering field as a Systems Engineer. After a few years in the industry, he ran into an old friend who was a prominent director of communications with a large contractor in the area and left the industry to start his P & C agency. He recommended Keith do the same. The rest is history.   

His passion is to roll back time, where access to quality care started with your primary care doctor and was the norm. Some of his major accomplishments are reducing pharmacy spending in the public sector and, in most cases, reducing sole-proprietor healthcare costs by over 40%.  

Keith is a respected speaker and has been a guest on local radio and cable channels. His ongoing research, education, and advocacy in the under 65 marketplaces, the Medicare arena, the Self Insured Space for small and large groups, and his favorite “Veteran Healthcare integration into the private sector” has led him to conduct numerous educational workshops with Chambers of Commerce and professional associations. He believes his entrepreneurial spirit comes from his diverse background in the military and civilian sectors, where thinking outside the box is, and should be “the norm” in the problem-solving process. 

Keith was the first Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist in Brevard County, Florida. He currently holds an Advanced Self-Insured Certification and is currently seeking his Certification in Pharmacy Benefit Management. His professional associations include State and local Space Coast Florida Association of VeteranOwned Businesses and Ambassador for Florida Association of VeteranOwned Businesses.  

Keith joined our CEO Mindset™ Phase I course to stop being run by the business. He wanted to stay focused and pinpoint his direction to develop a five-year plan to increase revenue to over 5 million“I hope to get organized, focused, and surround myself with successful people.” He learned that his potential and worth were key to his business success, and giving away his net worth diminished his value. After completing Phase II, he nearly doubled his clientele and increased his fees and revenue.  

Keith has a soft side and gets a little emotional when it comes to dog and animal rescues, spending time fostering dogs in need, and adopting dogs that have “stolen” his heart. He currently is serving as an animal rescue transporter for fostering/adopting families. Ask him about his “Dingo” foster experience. 

He has been married to his lovely wife, Pam, for over 23 years. They have four sons, one daughter, six grandkids, a sweet chocolate lab, and one grand-dog. Keith Giles A-ha moment of CEO Mindset

Today Keith works with clients on how to beat the high costs of healthcare and help businesses, individuals/families, Medicare clients, and transitioning veterans strategically plan for a sustainable future.  

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all participants will be covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida.

Entrepreneurship is a Community Sport - JULO StrategyI am a native of Kansas City. Born on the Missouri side and lived on the Kansas side after the age of 13.

I love my hometown. I love that Kansas City is in the heart of America. It is also the heart of entrepreneurship. I started my first business there. Last year I attended the eShip Summit in Kansas City presented by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The Summit started my journey from “just being a strategist for entrepreneurs” to being an entrepreneur ecosystem builder. I met amazing people from all over the world and spoke about the CEO Mindset. Over the past year, the people I met there have collaborated with JULO Strategy to help entrepreneurs get into the CEO Mindset. To not only start a business but to learn how to “run” the business.

I attended the eShip Summit again this year, virtually. I long to hang out with my new tribe again and hope that next year, we will be able to gather around a real campfire. What resonated with me was this, Entrepreneurship is a Community sport!

This week in the JULO newsletter, we are talking about Kansas City, sports, and entrepreneurship.

I currently live in the Tampa/St Petersburg, Florida area, and I have seen entrepreneurship explode. There are so many great resources and people to help you move forward in your entrepreneur journey.

There is still a lot of work that needs to get done. Better collaboration among the resources, and all working together to service the entrepreneur and prepare for success ultimately builds the ecosystem.

To help entrepreneurs, we need to get into the game. Get out and play. Go out and find a playground and get the neighborhood together to play the “entrepreneur game.” Sitting on the bench gets nothing done. Government, from city, county, state, and federal, can collaborate with the entrepreneur ecosystem builders to get shit done. Let people from all backgrounds and ethnicities reach out and play. I want to help all entrepreneurs. No-one turned away because “I am not ______ enough.”

At JULO Strategy, we want to help all entrepreneurs. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. We collaborate with every race, creed, industry, background to help and support our entire community and beyond.

Yes, Entrepreneurship is a Community Sport. There are a lot of positions that need to be filled to play the game. Get off the bench, and let us build communities: everyone benefits, not just entrepreneurs. When we help entrepreneurs, we help communities.

Wanna play? If you want to start a business or have started a business and want to move forward, call JULO Strategy. We are ready to play. Follow us on social media and join us on our upcoming Virtual JULO playground to answer questions about how you, me and anyone else can collaborate. Create jobs, generate revenue and get shit done.


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Jay Parsons Founder and CEO of Big Time Tailgate photoIf you love football and tailgating, Jay Parsons, Founder, and CEO of Big Time Tailgate, is your guy. Born in Miami, Florida but raised in West Melbourne, he played as a football running back from fifth grade through his senior year of high school. After graduation, he and his father launched a small vending machine and arcade game business together. Some of the vending machines sold hot popcorn, so Jay started selling this at his alma mater’s Friday night football games. If you knew Jay or went to his school back then, that guy you saw in the giant yellow foam cowboy hat and marketing himself as the Sunshine Popcorn Man? Yup, that was Jay! Even at 18, he was already thinking BIG!

The onset of the video game craze allowed Jay and his father to expand rapidly. But just as quickly it vanished, so they sold the business to a larger company. After selling, Jay enlisted in the Marines and served four years of active duty. Upon returning home, he partnered with a platoon mate, starting an auto detailing business applying Teflon finish to cars, boats, and planes. The business was short-lived, and Jay and his partner parted ways to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve. Jay’s time was cut short due to an injury during active training. After recovering, Jay discovered boat building. He began to learn the ins and outs of building boats by working overtime and volunteering in many projects.

Throughout the years, he gained the knowledge and experience to launch Big Time Helmets™. The inspiration came in 2001 after hearing a radio ad about tailgating. Jay thought, “Wouldn’t tailgating inside a giant football helmet be an awesome way to party?” Uh, we think so! From there, the idea grew, and the design of a helmet cabin mounted on a trailer became the goal. Big Time Tailgate, LLC, was born.

Inside the cabin is a wrap-around settee that comfortably seats six adults around a football-shaped table. A satellite antenna mounted on the roof supplies four televisions tuned to four different channels. Two 40″ flatscreens and a 55″ curved screen is mounted inside with a 55″ flatscreen outside on the rear of the trailer. WOW, sounds like a dream. But wait! There’s more! An AC/Heat pump keeps the spacious interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A Kegerator (oh yes!) and a Minifridge/Microwave are also options. Cabinets and under-seat compartments provide storage as well. There is a 4-burner gas grill on the outside. It raises and lowers on linear actuators enabling the grill to be stored below the countertop when not in use. Can we park this baby in our backyard?

While Jay had a “Big Time” product on his hands, he needed a little direction on how to get himself in the right mindset to make better decisions to be successful in business and life. He came to the CEO Mindset Phase I course to learn these practices and better enable his goal of becoming the CEO he had in mind for himself. “To be more effective, I need to implement proven practices that enable me to make better decisions.” The worksheets given in class and one-on-ones with Juliann Nichols were the most rewarding takeaways for him, especially brain dumping. “This helps me sort out my thoughts and eliminate the chatter, fostering better planning and decision-making.” Jay Parsons A-ha moment CEO Mindset

Jay is currently attending our Phase II course and believes the next six weeks will better improve his management skills and help him learn to have a structured and proven approach to solving problems. We love your drive, Jay, and look forward to seeing your Big Time Helmets™ at every stadium!

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida