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Alice DeGeorge Presque Isle Printing Services, LLC photoAlice DeGeorge is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Presque Isle Printing Services, LLC, specializing in start-ups, small businesses and nonprofits, with the goal of providing the best in-house graphic design, great looking printing, and on-brand marketing in the local Erie area.

When stated this way, it sounds so simple; but when Alice arrived in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1995, still in her early twenties, she did not envision how her career path might unfold. One could say that her crystal ball was…cloudy.

While enjoying all that Erie had to offer, Alice embarked on a series of unrelated pre-career jobs. Her favorite former job was at Erie’s well-known Plymouth Tavern, where she worked for ten years as a waitress and trivia game host. To this day, she still praises the owner, Barb Haggerty, who taught Alice all she needed to know about great customer service and how to be a top-notch small business owner!

In 2004, Alice enrolled in Tri-State Business Institute and earned a degree in Website Development & Management; that credential laid the foundation for what Alice would describe as her “first real job,” in which she updated websites for a fish tackle company. After a year, realizing that the job was not for her, she quit and jumped into her first print industry position with a small franchise located in Erie. Here she found her calling: a position in which she could mix her design skills with the fast pace of the print industry, combined with direct customer interaction. Beyond all doubt, she knew that this was her career sweet spot! However, after two years, her paychecks started to bounce. Having no other choice, she left that job for another graphic design position; but three months later that business was bought out by a larger company. Alice was given notice that, in six weeks, her employment would terminate.

That was it: working within the print industry, Alice lost two jobs within a period of six months. She knew what she had to do and she set about her plan. During her final six weeks of employment, Alice found an office space, equipment, machines and set up accounts with suppliers.

In the midst of the national housing crisis of 2008, Alice was able to obtain a small business loan with which she purchased two copiers; and, with a credit card capped at five thousand dollars, she was able to purchase spare equipment from fellow colleagues in the print industry. Her last day at the old printing job was also her first day of business ownership: Presque Isle Printing Services was now born! To her own amazement, Alice opened her business doors on December 1, 2008.

With her business well into its second decade, Presque Isle Printing Services is now in its third location, with expanded office space, private parking lot, attractive reception area, and lovely flowers blooming outside during Erie’s growing season. All this, with Alice and expert staff inside, can be found at 4318 West Ridge Road. Even the casual observer knows that this is what success looks like.

Now a known participant in the Erie business community, Alice has embraced the mission of giving back to and building upon the capacities of others. She and her husband reside in Erie, the city which is now their home. She has skydived FOUR times and is the Queen of tye-dye t-shirts in Erie. She calls it her side hustle throughout the year and has made over 20,000 tye dye shirts all by hand!

In May 2017 the Jet Radio announcer, Allan Carpenter, opened the program by stating, “Thank you for joining us for “Keeping It Local, Keeping Erie Awesome!” I am here with my co-host, the irrepressible Alice DeGeorge!” There is no better one-word descriptor: irrepressible! Alice now interviews her clients who are advancing forward with their own dreams as local small business owners and who are also giving back to the Erie community. Her broadcasts travel throughout Erie and the surrounding region to reach the ears of listeners who enjoy Alice’s friendly style and encouraging advice. As the creator and co-host of two live radio shows, she invites all to tune in on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, as follows:

  • Keeping It Local, Keeping Erie Awesome – Alice places the spotlight on her customers, who are not only great local small business owners, but also people who give back considerably to our Erie community, through event and sports sponsorship, donating to non-profit events or organizations, volunteering in the community or by coming up with their own way to give back to the community that supports them.
  • The Go Ask Alice Radio Show – The idea for this show came after Alice had a journey with Breast Cancer in 2019. During this time, she learned so much and came to the realization that “Knowledge is power, but only if you share it with others!” On this show, her guests are local small business owners who share the knowledge, tips and tricks they have learned to help those coming up in the small business world! In June of 2020, Alice shifted the show into a one-hour call-in show. Local business owners could call with problems or questions, and Alice and her guest would do their best to help with the experience and knowledge they have gained as business owners themselves.

Both shows broadcast live from the Boston Store in Erie, PA on Jet Radio 1400Am, 96.7FM, streaming the I Heart Radio App and on Facebook Live.

Alice attended JULO Strategy’s CEO Mindset™ online cohort to get guidance from her peers to help her navigate this unsure time in her business life. “I feel there is something on the horizon for me, but I have so many ideas, I am looking for help to wrangle them in, in order to get them going.”

After taking Phase I she learned she has it in her to be a CEO of her company, not just an employee. “I was on the right path with how I was feeling. and can make the hard decisions to get the results I want to achieve.”Alice DeGeorge CEO Mindset A-ha moment

Alice just finished our Phase II class and has seen revenue increase, gained 25 new clients, and is planning to hire an additional employee. She is planning on joining our new Phase III and we cannot wait to continue on her journey of success!

Alice has fulfilled her vision of becoming a successful business owner and radio show host. With her kind, fun-loving, hard-working, skilled, risk-taking, and creative spirit, she already serves as a role model for anyone within and beyond Erie, Pennsylvania. At 47 years of age and with decades yet ahead, there is no telling where her next round of successes might take her; but Alice DeGeorge will be on the path to someplace beyond the status quo…and knowing Alice, she will make that a much better place.

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Curtis Kelley The Culture Marauders PodcastWho loves a good podcast? Look no further than Curtis Kelley, Co-Owner of The Culture Marauders LLC. They are a crew of friends and family with diverse backgrounds and a passion for life. They draw on their experiences to connect to different cultures, take away the best they have to offer, and bring it back to the masses with the intent to enlighten and entertain. Curtis started The Culture Marauders Podcast in Sept 2019 after being encouraged by his wife to leverage his military experience into creating a podcast (wives obviously know best! ????).

Unsure what “culture marauding” is? Read more here: What is “The Culture Marauders”

Curtis was born in Omaha, Nebraska but grew up around the world as a military brat. He is a 20-year military veteran with combat experience that has earned him The Bronze Star Medal for Leadership in Combat.  Curtis possesses a B.A. in Logistics Management and an M.A. in Organizational Management. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida where he is a devoted father of 3 and husband to his wife Corinna for 13 years.

Curtis loves good music, food, traveling, sports, movies, cooking, hanging out with his family, good rum (who doesn’t!), and getting out and immersing himself in different cultures.

He has met 3 Secretaries of Defense (William Cohen, Donald Rumsfeld, and Ashton Carter), Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and President Barack Obama. He has an uncanny ability of meeting famous people in random places so next time you are wanting to meet the celebrity of your dreams, this guy is your wingman!

Curtis attended our CEO Mindset™ course to gain the tools to become an effective, respected business leader, better manager, and CEO for his business.Curtis Kelley The Culture Marauders a-ha moment

After completing the course, he realized he was taking on too much in the operation of the business and lost focus of what his role was. “It made me take a deeper look into what I want to accomplish with my business and what resources I’ll need to do so.”

We are excited to see what the future holds for you Curtis, and look forward to your success!

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida

Lissa JamesIf you love a damn fine cup of coffee then look no further than Gleeful Monkey CBD coffee. Lissa started this health and wellness brand at the beginning of 2020 and business has been taking off since. Offering quality products infused with CBD that you can enjoy daily, (psst, the CBD honey is a top favorite among customers), your well-being is a priority for Lissa.

As the CEO of a woman-owned business, and after a long career in Corporate Technology where she was often the only woman in the room, Lissa says she is all in for Women in Leadership and very committed to enabling and empowering women in business! 

Not sure what CBD is? Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a product that’s derived from cannabis. It’s a type of cannabinoid, which are the chemicals naturally found in marijuana plants. Now, before you say, “WHAT THE!” CBD oil doesn’t create a “high” effect or any form of intoxication which is caused by another cannabinoid, known as THC. In fact, there are several studies that have shown that CBD oil relives anxiety and chronic pain, can help with seizures and neurodegenerative disorders, reduce inflammation (looking at you acne), and has even been tested in certain studies to show decline in cancer cell growth.

Lissa’s motto is focused on quality and believes that what you put in your body creates quality of life. At the end of the day, she wants to infuse your world with GLEE! Life should not be boring AND it should taste good! Health and wellness is something very important to her. She has climbed the base camp of Mt. Everest and ridden her bike across Europe! She’s also a member of the Bradentucky Roller Derby Team under the alias: Violet Slamurai. Safe to say, don’t get on her bad side!

Lissa James - Gleeful Monkey Value of You A-ha momentLissa joined the JULO Strategy CEO Mindset™ course to continue doing the work necessary to grow her mindset, gain experience, and get perspective to be a strong, effective leader. This six week cohort strengthened her ability to delegate, document processes and procedures, and take action to all areas of her business.

Not only did she complete Phase I and II of the CEO Mindset™ program – she is currently taking the Phase II class again and in her own words “After having completed CEO Mindset™ Part I and understanding the value it imparted in my life and business, Part II was a no-brainer. I am someone who believes that a coach will ALWAYS be necessary, there is always more to learn – and for me right now there is A LOT to learn and implement. The guidance in this course has been crucial and extremely valuable.”

Lissa James - Gleeful Monkey - Covid19 A-ha moment

We love the Gleeful Monkey CBD Coffee, and that you are getting the most out of our program Lissa. We cannot wait to see your business thrive!


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Bryan Jacobs - Vets 2 Success Navy veteran, and founder of Vets 2 Success, this Chef gives back to his fellow veterans and the community every day. Bryan’s and Vets 2 Success’s work supports homeless and displaced Veterans. They help them find passion and purpose through food and brew programs. He is humble, kind, and super talented! Please do check out Vets 2 Success online and sponsor a military veteran or 2, shop amazing products, and donate to support up-and-coming veteran chefs! 

Bryan is also the founder of Reveille Meals. This is a food delivery service located in Bradenton, FL. He and his team prepare chef inspired meals using local farmers and markets. A portion of the proceeds goes to Vets 2 Success to help them to continue their non-profit mission.  You can change a military veteran’s life for the better by doing what you love to do…EAT! ORDER UP!! 

He enrolled in the JULO Strategy programs through Veterans Florida to refocus his mindset and actions to growing his business from the inside out. His most rewarding experiences have been the networking and new relationships that he’s building as well as his newfound ability to focus, hold himself accountable, and set deadlines only for the things that will help him to reach his goals. 

Some of Bryan’s “A-ha” moments:  Bryan Jacobs - Reveille Meals Strengths A-ha Moment

They (the programs) really opened my eyes and helped me to understand and embrace my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. I also learned that we should celebrate even the little accomplishments!

Chef Bryan successfully completed the JULO Strategy CEO Mindset™ programs Phase I and II recently. His other “claim to fame” so far is that he’s been featured on Guy’s Grocery Games – with Guy Fieri! Bryan Jacobs - Salute the Troops Grocery GamesWe can’t wait to see where Bryan’s missions will take him and all the veterans he serves! 

Bryan, thank you for your continued service! We are so proud of you and love watching you BE THE CEO! 

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida