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Trish Murphy Marketing Smarty Pants @JULOStrategyTrish Murphy is the owner and CEO of Marketing Smarty Pants, an online marketing company with an emphasis on content marketing. Content Marketing is the secret weapon to making your business stand out in the crowd. Trish helps businesses create and promote valuable content that connects with customers and builds brand equity. Trish is applauded for her fun and informative marketing presentations and providing simple content marketing solutions that fit any sized business as a content marketer. 

An Air Force Veteran, Trish was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She was stationed in Alaska for five years, which was quite the experience for her. The tremendous change in nature and culture captivated Trish, and she visits quite often. The nature is just breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. I think going to Alaska is probably the closest you can get to Mother Nature, the closest to visiting another country without actually leaving the United States. 

After having her daughter, Trish decided to part ways with the Air Force and stayed home with her children for years. After her youngest was born, she decided to get her marketing degree, where she fell in love with digital marketing. It was fairly easy to do from home, or at least remotely, so I did not have to be face to face with people all the time. Having friends who owned their own business, Trish was able to test her marketing skills by offering free help and, over time, learned the ins and outs by doing on the job training.  

Small businesses are one of Trishs key clientsSmall businesses have excellent why. They all have a passion. They do what they do because they love it. They have a great story to tell, so it makes it easy for me to connect with them. Some of her biggest tips for small businesses are not to feel like you must do it all. Somebody else may tell you completely different, and thatokay. If you do everything, you’re going to reach a point of diminishing returns if you spread yourself thin. Evaluate your social media marketing, how much you want to do on your own, then hand off the rest to somebody else to execute, then streamline what you are doing.  

Something that we talk about in our CEO Mindset™ courses Automate. Delegate. Eliminate. Trish came to JULO Strategys Phase I course to define and implement a strategic plan to gain more monthly clients. I realized the current approach I have been taking isnt going to get me there. Something must change! She learned that not just in personal relationships but in business relationships, she was drastically undervaluing herself. Collaborating with other like-minded business owners was rewarding, especially when they would all come together to tackle a challenge. As a result, she increased her fee structure and learned to delegate the execution of client work to someone else. CEO Mindset™ dives much deeper into concepts AND leaves the business owner with tangible tools that will help them adjust and grow their business in the future. Trish Murphy CEO Mindset A-ha Moment

Easily bribed with a glass of wine and a good book, when she’s not being a Smartypants, you can find her at the barn riding her horse or keeping “the boys” largely out of trouble. She is also Chairman of the Orlando Chapter for the Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses, one of our JULO collaborating partners. Trish is currently finishing up our CEO Mindset Phase II course and has proven she knows how to Get. Shit. Done. Congratulations on all your success, Trish. We are so happy to be a part of your journey! 


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