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Are you ready to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of attaining your goals?! If the answer is yes, we know who can help you rediscover your purpose and increase your performance.  

Vince Loran is CEO of Ignite RPM, a leadership coaching and professional development company. With over 21 years in positions of increased responsibility within the United States Air Force and 5 years in the Federal Government, Vince developed Ignite RPM in January 2019. They provide business leaders and managers growth mindset strategies geared to improve shortcomings, uncover blind-spots and thrive! Their motto is Inward Transformation leads to Outward Action! 

Focusing on principles and values of Respect, Purpose, and MotivationIgnite RPM is designed to positively transform and expand your mind. They offer a developmental process where leaders attain personalized growth mindset strategies to achieve goals and become more effective leaders. Offering leadership coaching and development services across diverse sectors including non-profits, they partner with clients to offer one-on-one coaching, training and speaking services. 

Vince, originally a Bronx and Puerto Rico native, lives with his beautiful wife, Ana, in Oviedo, Florida. They have three adult daughters and one granddaughter, Cristina. Vince enjoys cycling, photography and traveling. He obtained his Leadership Coaching Certification from Georgetown University. He also completed a Certificate in Business Administration from Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Education. Vince has his BBA from Strayer University with highest honors–Summa Cum Laude.


Vince attended JULO Strategy’s CEO Mindset course to understand and apply the shift into being the CEO and becoming familiar with the art of Automate, Delegate and Eliminate (A.D.E.). Vince walked away with clear business goals and actions, and the guidance to overcome obstacles that kept him from getting where he wanted to be, therefore leading him to get out of his own way!  

He has since partnered with another JULO alum, Enrique Acosta Gonzalez, running a weekly podcast, The Leadership Void. Offering tips, tactics, and operational strategies to help you maximize your growth potential, every Wednesday they come together and discuss challenges you have and help develop and fill the areas of void in your leadership. You can check out their channel and subscribe HERE

On top of running his business and hosting a podcastVince is also obtaining his Master’s in Social Work from Barry University. You are a triple threat Vince, and JULO loves to see everything you are accomplishing. We can’t wait to see where 2021 takes you!

Stereotypes and cultural norms can dampen the interest girls have regarding math, science, and technology. Mathematicians and scientists are socially awkward men who wear glasses—at least, according to children. In our world today, the gender gap is narrowly closing due to more widespread knowledge of equality and gender equality in the workplace.  

Larry Whiteside Jr., Co-Founder, President, and a member of the  Board of Directors at ICMCP, or International Consortium of Minority Cyber Professionals, strives to achieve the consistent representation of women and minorities in the cybersecurity industry through programs designed to foster recruitment, inclusion, and retention – one person at a time. IMCP tackles the ‘great cyber divide’ with scholarship opportunities, diverse workforce development, innovative outreach, and mentoring programs. 

A Veteran CISO and former USAF Officer, Larry has 25+ years of experience building and running cybersecurity programs holding C Level Security executive roles in multiple industries, including DoD, Federal Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Critical Infrastructure.  

Larry also founded Whiteside Security in 2009, where he advises several corporate security executives and companies on how to make Cyber Security a number one objective to their business. He has helped CEOs and board members of private cybersecurity companies achieve their sales, marketing, and customer retention goals. 

Though he is not a Sneaker Head, Larry owns over 70 pairs of shoes! It includes both sneakers and dress shoes so, I guess you can call him a Shoe Head. He owns every color you can imagine coordinating with every outfit he might wear. They are all organized according to color. And it takes up a LOT of space because he wears a size 15 or 16, depending on the brand. 

In addition, he happens to have over 90 pairs of weird socks as well. I think MANY women can relate to that secret obsession! 

Larry attended JULO Strategy’s CEO Mindset course to get out of his own way and add value to himself and his business. He realized running a nonprofit was no different than running any other type of business. He needed to let his employees handle the tasks he usually controlled, allowing him to run the business as the CEO. Delegating certain responsibilities alleviated his stress and, as a result, the organization grew and ran more smoothly. He now dares to be more open with his volunteers, and with the right structure, he can accomplish his goals.  

We love how you are helping women and minorities in the community be included in the Cybersecurity community, Larry. We can’t wait to see what you continue to do with this nonprofit and the impact it will continue to have in the workplace for cybersecurity! You are one kickass CEO

Entrepreneurship is a Community Sport - JULO StrategyI am a native of Kansas City. Born on the Missouri side and lived on the Kansas side after the age of 13.

I love my hometown. I love that Kansas City is in the heart of America. It is also the heart of entrepreneurship. I started my first business there. Last year I attended the eShip Summit in Kansas City presented by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The Summit started my journey from “just being a strategist for entrepreneurs” to being an entrepreneur ecosystem builder. I met amazing people from all over the world and spoke about the CEO Mindset. Over the past year, the people I met there have collaborated with JULO Strategy to help entrepreneurs get into the CEO Mindset. To not only start a business but to learn how to “run” the business.

I attended the eShip Summit again this year, virtually. I long to hang out with my new tribe again and hope that next year, we will be able to gather around a real campfire. What resonated with me was this, Entrepreneurship is a Community sport!

This week in the JULO newsletter, we are talking about Kansas City, sports, and entrepreneurship.

I currently live in the Tampa/St Petersburg, Florida area, and I have seen entrepreneurship explode. There are so many great resources and people to help you move forward in your entrepreneur journey.

There is still a lot of work that needs to get done. Better collaboration among the resources, and all working together to service the entrepreneur and prepare for success ultimately builds the ecosystem.

To help entrepreneurs, we need to get into the game. Get out and play. Go out and find a playground and get the neighborhood together to play the “entrepreneur game.” Sitting on the bench gets nothing done. Government, from city, county, state, and federal, can collaborate with the entrepreneur ecosystem builders to get shit done. Let people from all backgrounds and ethnicities reach out and play. I want to help all entrepreneurs. No-one turned away because “I am not ______ enough.”

At JULO Strategy, we want to help all entrepreneurs. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. We collaborate with every race, creed, industry, background to help and support our entire community and beyond.

Yes, Entrepreneurship is a Community Sport. There are a lot of positions that need to be filled to play the game. Get off the bench, and let us build communities: everyone benefits, not just entrepreneurs. When we help entrepreneurs, we help communities.

Wanna play? If you want to start a business or have started a business and want to move forward, call JULO Strategy. We are ready to play. Follow us on social media and join us on our upcoming Virtual JULO playground to answer questions about how you, me and anyone else can collaborate. Create jobs, generate revenue and get shit done.


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True CEO Jim Lane Lane Technology Solutions image

As President and CEO, Jim has positioned Lane Technology Solutions as the top provider of managed services, cloud services and cybersecurity in the Orlando, Florida market. He has a proven track record for assessing clients’ needs and formulating strategies to best meet those needs, as well as educating clients on upcoming trends and business technology challenges. 

Jim’s vision aims to provide the best service to meet all their clients technology needs. In a world of rapidly evolving technological innovation and challengesthey base their business success on theiclients’ success. 

In January 2013 he applied for and was awarded a GI bill grant to re-train in the field of IT. He completed the certification program and received full time employment in January 2014 with Asystech, Inc. He was then promoted to COO in January of 2017 and purchased the company by July 2019. These are really impressive accomplishments! 

Jim’s success in developing partnerships with local colleges has allowed Lane Technology Solutions to invest in the education of young IT professionals by employing interns. Through this program, students get the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences and build a resume while still working towards their degrees and certifications. Jim serves on the advisory board for the Orange Technical College as well. 

Jim joined the U.S. Air Force while in his early 20’s and was stationed in England when he lost a son not long after the baby was born. Being far from home and managing his and his family’s grief, he continued to meet the demands of military life. That experience opened his support for fellow servicemen and servicewomen along with their families.  “Most military families are far from their loved ones — moms, dads and siblings, not to mention extended family members,” he said. “As civilians, we sometimes forget about those enormous sacrifices from military families. It is important to lift them up and recognize their contributions to our country.”  

In his spare time, he enjoys studying mid-century modern architecture, traveling to small towns across the country and classic muscle cars.  

Jim Lane a-ha momentJim attended JULO Strategy’s CEO Mindset course to learn how to delegate tasks so he can make more time for himself to focus on client retention and leading the overall business operations… to become the true CEO. A big a-ha moment for him was learning he cannot be the ‘everything’ of the company. He must ask for what he wants and for the help he needsWe are excited to see what the future holds for you, Jim as you continue on with JULO Strategy. 

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida

Bryan Jacobs - Vets 2 Success Navy veteran, and founder of Vets 2 Success, this Chef gives back to his fellow veterans and the community every day. Bryan’s and Vets 2 Success’s work supports homeless and displaced Veterans. They help them find passion and purpose through food and brew programs. He is humble, kind, and super talented! Please do check out Vets 2 Success online and sponsor a military veteran or 2, shop amazing products, and donate to support up-and-coming veteran chefs! 

Bryan is also the founder of Reveille Meals. This is a food delivery service located in Bradenton, FL. He and his team prepare chef inspired meals using local farmers and markets. A portion of the proceeds goes to Vets 2 Success to help them to continue their non-profit mission.  You can change a military veteran’s life for the better by doing what you love to do…EAT! ORDER UP!! 

He enrolled in the JULO Strategy programs through Veterans Florida to refocus his mindset and actions to growing his business from the inside out. His most rewarding experiences have been the networking and new relationships that he’s building as well as his newfound ability to focus, hold himself accountable, and set deadlines only for the things that will help him to reach his goals. 

Some of Bryan’s “A-ha” moments:  Bryan Jacobs - Reveille Meals Strengths A-ha Moment

They (the programs) really opened my eyes and helped me to understand and embrace my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. I also learned that we should celebrate even the little accomplishments!

Chef Bryan successfully completed the JULO Strategy CEO Mindset™ programs Phase I and II recently. His other “claim to fame” so far is that he’s been featured on Guy’s Grocery Games – with Guy Fieri! Bryan Jacobs - Salute the Troops Grocery GamesWe can’t wait to see where Bryan’s missions will take him and all the veterans he serves! 

Bryan, thank you for your continued service! We are so proud of you and love watching you BE THE CEO! 

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all Florida veteran participants are covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida