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On January 18th, 2024, JULO Global proudly hosted the Camo to Commerce networking event in Pensacola, FL. This gathering drew the attendance of key partners, including Veterans Florida and FAVOB, along with dozens of local leaders in the Pensacola area, underscoring the event’s significance in the veteran community. The response from attendees was heartening, highlighting the collective eagerness to connect problem solvers and innovators to the workforce.

JULO Global believes that investing in veteran-led initiatives contributes not only to individual success stories but also to the collective prosperity of the local community and state. As the connections made during Camo to Commerce ripple through the community, they pave the way for a more resilient and empowered local workforce.

This event series has become a beacon of hope and a platform for rebuilding stronger, more interconnected communities around the globe! We look forward to the exciting journey ahead, as we host more events, foster partnerships, and contribute to positive change in the lives of veterans in Florida and beyond.

The Miami JULO CEO Mindset cohorts are currently in full swing, and it’s exhilarating to witness their remarkable growth and the emergence of their “JULO Moments!”  Throughout this journey, our clients have encountered numerous revelations – from gaining fresh perspectives about their business to embracing new technologies, delving into the core WHY of their businesses, and sharpening their focus on mindset and goals. This transformative process creates a ripple effect, where the sharing of experiences and A-ha moments by one client becomes a source of learning and inspiration for others.

One unique strength of our JULO CEO Mindset program lies in this very essence – genuine entrepreneurs openly sharing their experiences, discussing challenges, and collaboratively embracing the wealth of knowledge represented at this transformative table. The shared wisdom of this group of CEOs is truly invaluable, fostering a vibrant community of entrepreneurs committed to mutual growth and success.

Many people and veterans will be familiar with the phrase “Unknown Unknowns”, a term coined by former United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, to explain situations where you don’t know what you don’t know. In business and entrepreneurship this rings true! Oftentimes, at any given point or situation, new risks may arise that need immediate decisions for situations no one could have foreseen and prepared for.

Tackling these challenges and unknowns of leadership is the job of  “The Leadership Void” Podcast. The podcast, hosted by Vince Loran and Enrique Acosta Gonzalez, two military veterans and JULO CEO Mindset grads, taps into these unknowns that can make the difference in success and failure for business leaders, and provides content to help leaders sharpen their knowledge and stay informed, minimizing those “unknown unknowns.” Topics range from advice for new leaders, employee relations, staying sharp as a leader and best practices for approaching change and the challenging moments in life.

Recently, The Leadership Void podcast featured JULO’s very own CEO and Founder, Juliann Nichols, where she shares about her entrepreneurship journey along with current events happening at JULO. Did you know Juliann was a mobile DJ? What advice does she give to new entrepreneurs? What’s one of her A-ha moments? Find out all this and much more! Check out their podcast with Juliann! And subscribe to hear more about other business and military leaders here.

When your workday is done, do you still carry much of the stress of your work with you into your off-work hours?

Whether you work at home or go to an office, it’s important for there to be a separation between your work and personal life. Without a clear gap, you will not be able to de-stress, and being able to leave that stress behind is crucially important to your quality of life.

Keeping your stress with you can also result in chronic stress, which contributes to many serious health issues.

If you’re finding that you continue to think about work events after working hours or you’re having difficulty with letting go of your stress, consider these tips to de-stress, so you can enjoy your time away from work.

Try these activities to melt away your workday stress:

  1. Pause your work email and social media notifications. Turn your tech notifications off for a couple hours while you have dinner and enjoy the company of your family and friends. If you deal with social media for work, try to give yourself a few hours off or schedule your posts out with a platform like HootSuite so you don’t have to be on at all hours.
  • You’ll feel less stressed and your relationships and social life will benefit. Eating your dinner in peace also helps digestion.
  1. Exercise. Hands down, the best way to limit stress in your life is to exercise. Not only can exercise help to lower cortisol (stress hormone), but you’ll also be focused on the exercise and not what’s going on at work. Even 30 minutes a day outside can relieve stress especially for those of us who are now working from home during these unforeseen times.
  2. Get a plant. Having something very simple to take care of and nurture can be a really easy way to limit your stress. Plus, if you grow food like a tomato plant, you’ll also get to eat the tomatoes! Growing your own food makes you feel good in so many ways! Succulents are also a great option as they are low maintenance and can spruce up any room.
  3. Vent when necessary. If you tend to keep things bottled up inside, consider making a healthy change in your life and discuss the stressful issues with a close friend, family member, support group, or counselor when you feel it’s necessary. They can help you work through and maybe even resolve the issue.
  4. Avoid stimulants. Coffee, tea, energy drinks – they all contain stimulants like caffeine and taurine which can make you feel wired, and in some cases, more prone to feeling stressed out. If you can’t give up caffeine, try a CBD version which helps to alleviate anxiety and also has health benefits. Our JULO alum, Lissa James with Gleeful Monkey has wonderful products!
  • Avoiding or limiting your consumption of stimulant-rich foods and drinks can help your body to feel more balanced and lower your cortisol levels.
  1. Engage in an activity that you love. Whether it’s a hobby, dancing, or playing with your kids, doing something that you enjoy takes your mind off work and melts away your stress. Taking time to do these things is never selfish, but a vitally important part of healthy self-care!
  • Best of all, find an activity where you move around, like dancing. You’ll get a double dose of relaxation from the exercise and the enjoyment.
  1. Meditate. Meditating can reduce stress, strengthen your mental and physical health, and bring you the serenity of greater inner peace. All it takes is practice – daily is best!
  • Meditating for a few minutes when your workday is done will give you that much-needed gap between work and free time, so you can leave your work stress behind and fully enjoy your off-work hours.

Don’t feel continuously tied to your work any longer! Try these tips and get the freedom from stress that you deserve.

With online marketing, there’s a debate raging among experts over which strategy is best to grow your business.

Would SEO or social media marketing be the better option?

Often, businesses will hire an SEO expert or agency to increase their visibility in the search engines without even thinking about social media and the traffic that it can bring to their business.

Similarly, there are those who focus their attention entirely on building a social media following without spending any time on SEO.

Let’s compare both strategies to see which option is best.


Targeting an Audience

To bring in relevant traffic and sales, it’s important to be able to target a specific audience. It is definitely easier to target an appropriate audience on social media platforms.

Most social media platforms allow you to create ads that specifically target people within a certain demographic who will be interested in your niche.

SEO is not quite as targeted. Although you can certainly target those interested in your niche, you generally cannot target a specific demographic.


How Much Effort Is Involved?

To ensure a return on investment, you’ll want to consider how much effort is required to promote your content via social media and SEO.

With social media, you’ll have to plan and post regular content on the various platforms. While there are tools available that can make this process easier, you still have to do this on a consistent basis.

Social media marketing is not something that you can rely on to work without your own efforts. Each post you make will only have a short shelf life, so you’ll need to make an effort each day.

SEO, on the other hand, will require work, but once you start to rank your web pages, there will be less ongoing work involved.


Which Content Should You Use?

Whether you are performing SEO or social media marketing, you’ll need to create content. The type of content you create will make a big impact on your traffic and whether your audience engages with it or not.

When writing content for your website or blog, usually long-form content will work best. This means that you may need to create articles of a few thousand words, rather than a couple of hundred.

For social media, images and videos will work best and will be shared across the community if they resonate with the audience. When this occurs and your content starts to be shared, you’ll also see an increase in traffic to your website.


So, Which is Better – SEO or Social Media Marketing?

You’ll see the most benefits from incorporating both SEO and social media marketing into your online marketing efforts.

Write long articles and embed images and videos into your content. Doing this will increase engagement and time spent on your website, therefore showing the search engines that your content is good and can be trusted. Plus, people will share content on social media that they find to be interesting and valuable.

Search engines nowadays use social media as a ranking factor, so it’s worth building your social media presence as it will help with your SEO. Building traffic via SEO to your website will also help people to engage on social media too.

So, while SEO and social media marketing are different, they each help the other and the end goal of both is the same – to help increase traffic to your website, products, or services.

The answer is easy: do both!

It’s not necessary for the whole world to know who you are to be highly successful. You only need the right people to know who you are.

For example, if you’re a real estate broker, you want the people in your area to know who you are. If you own a company that provides web links, you want all of the SEO business owners to know your name.

If you’re a realtor in San Diego, it won’t matter much if you’re a household name in Portugal. However, being famous to the right population can make all the difference in the world.

Luckily, being famous on a small scale is easier than you think!

Follow these tips to ensure that the right people know who you are:

  1. Specialize. It’s easier to become well-known if you’re extremely good at something. It’s easier to be extremely good at something specific.
  • For example, keeping with our San Diego real estate example, you don’t want to be a general realtor in San Diego. You want to be the realtor that specializes in high-end San Diego beach properties.
  1. Identify your target audience. Who are you trying to serve? What does your ideal customer look like? Develop a composite of the people that you want to know you. Are they a certain age? Male, female, or both? What income level do they have? What profession are they in? What hobbies do they have?
  • Be as detailed as necessary, but not more detailed than necessary. It’s important to know who you’re trying to reach.
  • Avoid wasting your time with those who aren’t in your niche.
  1. Rise above the noise. What does your audience need? What is the common problem they all have? Center your message around this need and your ability to solve it.
  • Noise is simply non-meaningful messaging. Be meaningful to your audience.
  1. Become an authority. When people want to solve a problem, they want an expert. But how does the average person spot an expert? They aren’t experts themselves, or they wouldn’t need you. Consider these ideas to be looked at as the expert:
  • Put content in front of ready-made audiences. There are others who already have the attention of those you want to reach. Write a guest post for a blog. Be a guest on a podcast.
  • Teach an online class. Create a class and put in on one of the several websites that specialize in that sort of thing, such as Udemy.com. Everyone will assume you’re an expert if you’re teaching a course that you created.
  • Put content on social media and on your own website regularly. It’s important to be consistent with your postings, so stick to a schedule.
  • Use linkedin.com. Keep your profile up to date and use all the features that are supplied on that platform to post content.
  • Write a book. It’s not as daunting as it seems. It only takes a few pages a day to write a book in six weeks. There’s no expense for creating a Kindle book. It’s hard to find a respected expert that hasn’t written a book.
  1. Make friends with the well-known experts in your fields. You can become famous by association. Interview these experts. Contribute a guest post to their website. Ask them to write the introduction to your book.

Being famous has its advantages. This is especially true within your niche. The world within your niche is quite small, so it’s not nearly as challenging to be famous within your niche as it is to be famous in general.

A little fame can go a long way toward building your career or business. You don’t have to be a household name. Just a little fame will do.

Remember when you were a kidyou would cut out clippings from newspapers and magazines and stick it up on your wall or in your binder. Sometimes it was a celebrity crush you had, or maybe it was a dream job you sawa notable author you inspired to be like. You had dreams and told yourself one day you would make it big. You were building a vision for your future and what you wanted and giving your imagination a way to express itself. 

Shannon Carlton, CEO of Intentional Growth Strategies, teaches this practice today. Her services are most effective for women who want more fulfillment, gratitude, creativity, and balance; are feeling “stuck” but don’t know why; and want to live the life they know they were created to live.  

At the age of 40, Shannon decided she was done living safely and securely. Using the money her dad left in his life insurance, she took the plunge into opening a coworking space. For the past 4 years, Shannon has helped women in small businesses envision their lives with Vision Boards and accountability training. “I have heard from these women what an impact it has had on their lives and careers and wanted to share that passion with women small business owners everywhere.” 

When you create a Vision Board not only will you be more motivated to make significant changes in your routines, but you will also change your life and the lives of your family because of your vision. This can be any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. Identify your vision and give it clarity.

Our Founder, Juliann Nichols, spoke at one of Shannon’s Vision Board retreats where Shannon learned about the CEO Mindset course. She took the program to get collaboration with other entrepreneurs and walk away with a clear vision, solid business plan, and to overall THINK BIGGER as a CEO. The biggest struggle she overcame was making sure processes and procedures were in place to support growth. “That is what CEO Mindset is great about. You must set up these processes and delegate to other people to free up the ‘genius’ space in your mind. Even though I loved having the big ideas and putting out the fires, I had to get away from that and think of myself as the CEO, not the employee.” 

In January, Shannon released a book titled “Manifest Your Vision with Grace, Gratitude and Growth: Your Guide to Getting Unstuck and Creating the Life You Desire with Vision Boards.” Designed to help you create the life you want to live by creating a Vision Board and then digging deep into setting goals and creating habits that will take you closer to your vision. You can pick up a copy here (insert link).  

Shannon also has an exciting event coming up. The 2nd Annual Ladies Business Vision Board Retreat from January 15-17, 2021 will dedicate all your time to growing your businesses and rediscovering your Vision for your professional life. “My excitement for this retreat far exceeds that of any of the previous Vision Board retreats I’ve hosted! This one is dedicated specifically to your business and will provide you clarity for the new year. You can learn all about this exciting event here (insert link). 

We are so happy for all your accomplishments Shannon and look forward to seeing your business grow! 

Our work with Veterans Florida and the men and women service members of the U.S. Military has inspired the entire JULO Strategy team. This page is to salute our veteran alums who have transitioned as entrepreneurs and CEOs. We celebrate together this Veterans Day on November 11, and thank them for their continued service to others and their community. The CEO Mindset™ program expenses for all participants will be covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida.

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JULO Strategy and Veterans Florida

Program expenses for all participants will be covered through funding provided by the Florida Legislature and Veterans Florida.