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With the Labor Day Holiday this weekend, are you able to walk away from your business, and it runs without you?  If you are not sure, this would be a great time to discover what works and what does not work in your business when you are not available. 

Having clear processes and systems in place and knowing when and where to automate, delegate, and eliminate is crucial to running your business.  As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time doing and do not take the time to write down how we do it to be able to delegate later prevents us from scaling our businesses and keeps us “stuck.”  We end up working through the holidays and upsetting those around us. 

This weekend I challenge you to take the time to enjoy NOT working.  Refrain from looking at emails, answering phone calls, text, or social media.  Try to keep the computer shut down.   

When you get back to the laboring, you will quickly find out what needs fixing.  You might also discover that your business was fine, and everything could wait. 

Look at your written processes.  If you do not have them written, therein lies the first step.  

Take any system, onboarding, client intake, online events, buying your products and services, and 10 x the amount of volume you have.  Then take away the critical person who does that job.  Are you prepared for success?   

At JULO Strategy, we start building a process by thinking of it in this way, if I were to ask you, “Go to my house and bake me cupcakes.”  Recipe for Success imageThink through step by step and everything you need to make that happen—tools, passwords, equipment, brand, type, supplies, etc.  It is easy to make a checklist from “your brain” until someone else has to follow that checklist.   

Let me see your recipes for success. 


Juliann Nichols CEO & Founder of JULO Strategy imageWith over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, Juliann walks her talk! She has cultivated a personal brand that demonstrates who she is no matter what she is doing, with a million-dollar PhD in Entrepreneurism. 

Juliann Nichols, CEO and Chief Strategist, JULO Strategy 

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